NASA spacecraft finds the crash site of Indian lunar lander: exploded

 NASA spacecraft finds the crash site of Indian lunar lander: exploded

It home on December 3 NASA spacecraft orbiting the moon found the crash site of Indias Vikram lunar lander, which slammed into the surface of the moon in a landing attempt in September. Images taken by the spacecraft confirm the explosion of the lander, showing the impact site of the lander and the surrounding debris caused by the accident.

The Vikram lander is due to land on the surface of the moon by control on September 7. The descent of the lunar landing equipment has progressed normally, but it has failed at a height of 2.1km and deviated from the route. The details are not clear at present. Later, the Vikram lander lost contact with the ground command station.

Later, the Indian government revealed that the moon ship 2 had a hard landing on the moon due to problems with the braking rocket, which resulted in a crash.

NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been orbiting the moon since 2009. On September 17, scientists first photographed the crash site of Vikram through the orbiter. They found a small number of possible fragments in the picture and confirmed that they were from the Vikram. But the area where the Vikram crashed was not well lit, so the team took pictures of the site again in October and November, and eventually they captured clearer images of the site and the debris.

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