Pan Yuemings old photos in memory

 Pan Yuemings old photos in memory

Yueming Pan

Netease Entertainment reported on December 3 that on the evening of December 2, pan Yueming celebrated his 1974 micro blog posts by micro blog, exposing funny photos at the bottom of the box, and wrote in the text: 1974 micro blog posts two naughty old photos, I wish you all a happy day! It is reported that 1974 also happened to be the year of Pan Yuemings birth. In the photo, pan Yueming wears a white shirt with a black tights as the base, combs and wears black ear studs obliquely, and intentionally tears the clothes.

After the microblog was exposed, netizens gathered around and left a message saying: I didnt expect that Mr. Pan, who is very solemn in front of us at ordinary times, should be so in private Frank. In that long time, my brother was still pan thin.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027