Shanghai Disneyland begins to test and use X-ray machine to optimize security inspection process

 Shanghai Disneyland begins to test and use X-ray machine to optimize security inspection process

X-ray machine assisted manual security inspection.

Beijing News reported on December 3 (reporter Li Yan) that some tourists reported that the existing security inspection methods were inefficient, procedural and unfriendly. On December 2, two security inspection channels of Shanghai Disneyland began to test the use of X-ray machine assisted manual services to conduct security inspection before visitors enter the park.

The reporter noticed in the park that two new special security inspection channels equipped with X-ray machines and new signs were added in the security inspection channel to guide tourists to operate:

Take out all personal belongings and bags including electronic products and put them in different storage boxes.

Visitors pass through metal detection doors. At the same time, the sign reminds the tourists: in the process of safety inspection, if required by the security inspector, please open the bag and take out the suspicious items for the security inspector to inspect. Safety of tourists is the focus of our work. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Although it is still in the test stage of the first day, under the guidance of Disney security personnel, the tourists of the two security inspection channels have been able to carry out orderly and smooth security inspection of items and individuals, and have also welcomed and recognized the new high-tech security inspection mode.

Shanghai Disneyland security entrance.

A spokesman for the resort said that the park is currently testing its security procedures with X-ray machines and artificial services. The main contents of the test include the technical stability, efficiency of the X-ray machine and the feedback from tourists. During the test, the equipment will be debugged continuously to prepare for more X-ray machines to support security inspection in the future. However, the specific time of adding more X-ray machines for security inspection has not been determined.

It is reported that in September this year, there were tourists who put forward many opinions on the security inspection methods of Shanghai Disneyland. Subsequently, the park said that it would reduce the impact of safety inspection on tourists experience as much as possible on the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations and all tourists and their carry on luggage must undergo safety inspection. Since September, the park has implemented a more friendly and humanized security inspection process and service. Tourists can open their bags during security inspection. If required by security inspectors, tourists can take out suspicious items and put them back after inspection. In the future, the park will further optimize the security inspection process by means of security inspection equipment such as X-ray machines and auxiliary manual services.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027