A number of village doctors make longevity liquid and claim to live to 120 years old. Official intervention

 A number of village doctors make longevity liquid and claim to live to 120 years old. Official intervention

Many doctors in Binyang boil soup and medicine. Netizens for map

Nanguo Morning Post Nanning news these two days, a picture caused many netizens dispute. In the picture, a group of doctors in white coats gathered around a pot of liquid, with a banner showing that it was the on-site meeting of Binyang Township doctors to boil longevity liquid, saying that it was not a myth that human beings lived to 120 years old. In this regard, a person in charge of the photo told reporters that this is an internal seminar for more than 20 rural doctors to study the formula of traditional Chinese medicine and boil the decoction.

Are there really experts in the folk?

A group of men and women in white coats gathered around a big pot. One woman scooped up a scoop of liquid from the pot, while others watched it with a smile. There is a red banner hanging on the bamboo house behind the crowd, which is printed with three rows of big gold characters. The first row is experts are in the folk Gods side in the countryside, the second row is Guangxi Binyang township medical boil long life liquid site meeting, and the third row is human health living to 120 is not a myth. The mobile phone numbers of five persons in charge are also printed below the three lines.

The reporter learned that the photo was originally taken at 11:00 p.m. on November 29, and has been spread on wechat, Weibo and other network platforms, causing many netizens to discuss. Some netizens jokingly said: special offer, special offer is necessary! Some netizens questioned: its not a problem to boil this kind of long life liquid and live to 120 years old. What else should we do in the hospital? More netizens criticized straightforwardly: liars in white coats.

It was an internal seminar

On the afternoon of December 1, according to the mobile phone number on the banner, the reporter contacted one of the person in charge, Mr. Zhong. He said that the photo was true. The men and women in white coats in the photo were village doctors in Binyang County. Some of them were old Chinese doctors. He was one of the old Chinese doctors. Previously, we held internal discussion meetings together several times.

Mr. Zhong said that they used a variety of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine to make a formula and boil a liquid according to the formula for many times. After drinking it, everyone felt comfortable, younger, ate more and slept better. Not long ago, it was suggested to boil it again to study the effect, so they cooked it again on November 29, when more than 20 rural doctors participated. As for the formula, Mr. Zhong would not disclose it.

Mr. Zhong said that it was strange for the ancients to live to the age of 70, but in the Qing Dynasty, some old people were more energetic after drinking the decoction made by the formula, and could sing loudly and blush. The formula had been circulated in some traditional Chinese medicine during the Qing Dynasty, but it was not made public. Now many people live to be over 90 years old, and there are many people over 100 years old, so they think that after drinking the soup and medicine made by this formula, it should not be a problem to live to be 120 years old.

Relevant departments will investigate

We are an internal research seminar. We dont know who accidentally passed it out. Mr. Zhong said that at present, the formula is still in the process of experiment and research, and only they are the people who try to drink it, without external publicity or sales. Next, they will find ways to eliminate the negative effects of the photos.

On the evening of December 1, the person in charge of Binyang County Health Bureau said after receiving the report that it was OK for doctors to study and discuss the effects of some drugs and problems in business, but they could not organize profit-making activities in the name of private communication. In addition, the possibility of human health reaching 120 is still very small. As the current situation is not fully understood, the Bureau will organize and coordinate relevant departments to carry out investigation and verification.

Source: Nanguo Morning Post Author: Zhao Min editor in charge: Yu changzong u301d nbj11145