38 express boys in Taiyuan are required to receive junior titles and intermediate titles

 38 express boys in Taiyuan are required to receive junior titles and intermediate titles

Papers needed to be issued for the evaluation of intermediate title in express industry

The reporter of Beiqing daily understands that 190 people in the express industry of Taiyuan have applied to participate in the evaluation of express projects, among which 38 qualified express boys in the logistics major have obtained junior professional titles through the confirmation of the Bureau of human resources and social security, and another 30 people with less than 3 years of Express work experience will obtain junior professional titles through the initial confirmation of the Bureau of human resources and social security within two years. Taiyuan post administration staff said that in the future, more express boys will get express professional titles through their work.

It is reported that the evaluation of intermediate and primary professional titles for express delivery in Shanxi province needs to meet certain requirements. In the postal industry of the whole city, the personnel who are engaged in express delivery professional technical work such as equipment engineering, network engineering, information engineering, and meet the requirements for application and evaluation; those who have signed formal employment contracts or labor contracts with employers and have worked in Yuncheng for more than one year outside the city for express delivery engineering professional technology Personnel can register to participate in the title evaluation.

In terms of educational background, the application assistant engineer, i.e. junior professional title, must have a secondary school degree or above in the major or similar major, and the application engineer, i.e. intermediate professional title, must have a junior college degree or above in the major or similar major.

The reporter of Beiqing daily noted that there is no requirement for the evaluation of junior titles to issue papers, but if the evaluation of intermediate titles, the application engineer must publish more than one academic paper or write more than two professional and technical reports during the period of being an assistant engineer. Among them, the number of words in each professional technical report is more than 2000, and the academic papers shall be published independently or as the first author in the academic journals of the profession, with the number of words no less than 2000.

The proportion of first-line couriers receiving professional titles is not high

Beiqing daily learned from Li Yiqun, a customer service personnel of Shanxi Zhongtong express, on December 2 that she was one of the employees who got the junior professional title of express delivery. Taiyuans junior professional title is required to graduate from college, work for three years, or work for one year after graduation from college. At present, the post administration only passes the logistics management major, and the junior professional title of non logistics management major needs one more It can only be acquired after a period of time.

Miao Kai is the director of Taiyuan Jinmao branch of Zhongtong express. He told Beiqing news that he started this work in 2016. At first, he was an ordinary courier and obtained the junior professional title in the evaluation of professional title of express delivery. I think everyones idea of participating in this review is almost the same. On the one hand, the society has given affirmation to the logistics industry and confidence to our front-line employees; on the other hand, it has also improved our treatment to make our life better, Miao said

According to Li Yiqun, as the review work has not been completely completed, the company has not yet issued specific measures to combine with wages, but wages and bonuses should be improved in the future. In terms of personnel promotion, the title is also an important reference.

News extension

Express delivery is not a big old rough industry

Beiqing news reporter learned that, in addition to Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, since this year, many parts of the country have successively carried out the evaluation of the title of express brother, the scope of which is express project, aiming at the logistics and express industry.

In July 2019, the first review meeting was held by the post qualification review committee of Zhejiang express industry senior engineer. After the review by the expert group, 7 personnel obtained the qualification of the first batch of express industry senior engineer in Zhejiang Province, including 2 equipment engineering, 2 Information Engineering and 3 network engineering.

According to the Shandong post administration on November 13, the evaluation of the professional titles of the first and middle-level technical personnel in the express industry in Shandong Province has been completed. In less than a week, 6036 people signed up for registration. Finally, 3414 express employees received the certificates of the first and middle level of express projects, 1826 of them passed the evaluation of the intermediate professional titles and won the title of engineer. At present, the second stage of professional title evaluation of express delivery project in Shandong Province is in progress.

Shao Zhonglin, the former Secretary General of China Express Association, said that it is of positive significance to evaluate the professional titles of professionals in the express industry in different regions. Many people used to think that the express industry is a big old rough industry, but in fact, Chinas express work has already changed from labor-intensive to technology intensive, so it is also in urgent need of all kinds of talents and retaining talents. To evaluate the professional titles of express delivery staff can give you a direction to work hard to make the whole express industry develop more healthily, he said

Source: Beijing Youth Daily Author: Fu Yao, Yang Yang, editor in charge: Yu changzong, nbj11145