Who is easy to be schizophrenic stare at?

 Who is easy to be schizophrenic stare at?

Second, personality factors. For example, the so-called split personality, paranoid personality, these people are more sensitive, suspicious, stubborn, introverted, are vulnerable patients.

Third, family environment. Some children grow up in a bad family environment and are abused by family members, especially sexual abuse. Family breakdown, parent relationship and violence are also very dangerous factors.

Fourth, environmental pressure. For example, a persons family is very unfortunate, the economic conditions are relatively poor, living at the bottom of the society, suffering from a lot of mental pressure, or adults will face a lot of mental pressure in the work, family and society, which is also a factor prone to schizophrenia.

In addition, there are biological factors. For example, the infection during pregnancy includes virus and bacteria infection, all kinds of birth injuries of pregnant women, neonatal trauma, ischemia and hypoxia, etc. These conditions will affect human neurodevelopmental disorders, change the structure of human brain, and eventually form schizophrenia.

In this paper, Professor Chen Dachun, director of clinical five departments of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, conducted a scientific check.

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