If you dont use the fire and dont plug in the electricity, the hot pot will explode

 If you dont use the fire and dont plug in the electricity, the hot pot will explode

On November 14, a truck carrying 2 tons of self heating hot pot suddenly caught fire on 246 national road from Tongnan district to Taian, Chongqing. According to the truck driver, he didnt notice the fire in the arrival car when driving. It was the passing motorcycle driver who found the fire. The accident did not cause casualties and the cause of the fire is under further investigation. After the incident, the safety of self heating hot pot, a red net food, was once again hotly debated.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned that at present, Chinas civil aviation system has completely banned self heating products from being carried on the aircraft. On October 1, the regulations on railway safety management issued by Guangxi also clearly stipulated that it is forbidden to use self heating food on motor cars.

The reporter of Beiqing daily asked the customer service of a self heating hot pot about the danger of the product. He said that their product had been tested by relevant departments and was safe to use according to the operation. The heating principle of self heating hot pot is mainly to form a bag of sodium carbonate, calcined diatomite, iron powder, aluminum powder, coke powder, activated carbon, salt and quicklime, and add cold water to generate heat.

The customer service reminded that according to the requirements of waste classification, the waste self heating package should be disposed according to the hazardous waste. The reporter of Beiqing daily noticed in the product details of another business selling self heating hot pot that the business also made a warning: no hot water heating and keep away from open fire. Do not use if the heating bag is damaged. Its customer service also said that the correct use is safe.

Fire control

Heating package after use, avoid contact with water again

Firefighters in Beijing, Zhejiang and other places have done experiments. After injecting mineral water into the base of hot food, it only takes 20 seconds for the top food to boil and emit hot gas. At this time, if the outlet of self heating food is inadvertently blocked, it is easy to cause the overall packaging expansion, or even the final explosion.

Liu bingtao, chief of propaganda section of Daxing fire rescue detachment in Beijing, told Beiqing news that the heating package of self heating food consists of the following components: one is white powdered quicklime (calcium oxide), which generates calcium hydroxide when encountering water and releases a lot of heat, but the water temperature generally can only reach about 60-80 u2103; the other is iron powder, aluminum powder, magnesium powder, carbon powder and salt, which will be released after encountering water In addition, lime powder is added on the basis of the second type. This heating reaction will be more intense and produce a lot of gas. There are many kinds of self heating food on the market. These products not only indicate the operation method on the package, but also specially mark the warning of please put it on the anti scalding desktop when heating, do not tear the development hot bag, children do not operate independently and so on.

Firefighters said that if the operation is improper in use, there is a risk of explosion if the operation is not in accordance with the instructions. If the user seals (blocks) the reserved air outlet, a large amount of gas (hydrogen) will be generated after intense heating reaction, which cannot be released, resulting in explosion. When using self heating food, the public must strictly follow the operation instructions, open the air vent, and try to place it on the heat insulation pad to avoid accidents. Liu bingtao also reminded that after use, the heating bag should not be in contact with water again, and should be treated according to the classification of hazardous waste.


Spontaneous combustion is a small probability event, and environmental pollution is inevitable

Yun Wuxin, a doctor of food engineering and science writer, said that self heating hot pot should not be regarded as convenient food, but a combination of ingredients, Kitchenware and heat source. Self heating food does not need complicated Kitchenware and fire control, only need to heat some water, can automatically heat, also do not need to clean kitchenware.

He believes that heating bags should be classified as dangerous goods. In production, quicklime is regarded as highly dangerous goods for special management, and there are strict operation specifications for both storage and use. The quicklime in a self heating bag plus iron powder and aluminum powder can be regarded as inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.

Dr. Yun stressed that the Spontaneous Combustion Accident of self heating hot pot may be a small probability event, while the pollution of the environment by discarding harmful chemicals is an inevitable problem. Since the hot pot has been used, the quicklime has become mature lime, and the corrosiveness is still strong. When a considerable amount of hydrated lime is thrown into the environment, it will have a great impact on the place where it is discarded - animals, plants and microorganisms can not bear its high alkalinity. In production, high acid and high alkaline waste can not be directly discarded or discharged, and can only be treated as waste after neutralization. The self heating hot pot aims at convenience, which is basically impossible to require or have users do harmless treatment before discarding.

Cloud inadvertently also explained that there is a certain danger in self heating food, which was originally developed to be used for military field food, mainly considering that it can eat hot food without heating under field conditions.


There is no national standard for self heating products, and there is a relatively unified standard in Sichuan

On March 12, the Shanghai consumer rights and Interests Protection Commission issued a notice on the testing of self heating and convenient hot pot products. In this test, according to the market sales volume, the supermarket and online platform purchased several brands of self heating hot pot products, a total of 20. The report shows that the heating package of self heating convenience hot pot product has the danger of releasing flammable gas when encountering water, and the product also belongs to dangerous goods in transportation. Shanghai Municipal Commission of consumer protection pointed out that China has not yet issued relevant national and industrial standards to regulate the safety management of this kind of products and its contained heating package. Consumers should pay attention to the safety and taboo when choosing this kind of products.

Beiqing news reporter learned that several manufacturers in the test are members of Chengdu Food Industry Association. According to the staff of the association, since the thermal products first originated in the military, about 2014 began to be used in the civil field.

After some enterprises in Sichuan set foot in the industry, in order to standardize the development of the industry, the association, together with some key enterprises, agricultural products processing College of Sichuan University, experts, etc., worked out the industry standards, and in 2015, established a special committee for self heating food, the national standards for self heating products have not been published, but there are relatively unified standards in Sichuan, with more and more In recent years, the development has become more and more standardized. The staff member said.

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