How to eat can control sugar control weight? The palm rule tells you

 How to eat can control sugar control weight? The palm rule tells you

1. Carbohydrate: a fist. According to Liu Qi, you can choose the amount of staple food (carbohydrate demand) you need to eat according to your fist size, such as steamed bread, flower rolls, rice, etc. Fruit needs about the size of a fist a day.

2. Protein: a palm. 50 grams of protein (eggs, beef, shrimp, steak, etc.) is the size of the palm, about the thickness of a small finger. Eat 50-100g protein every day to meet our daily needs.

3. Vegetables: the amount of vegetables (1) that can be grasped by two hands can be equivalent to the amount of 500g, and the daily consumption of 500g to 1000g vegetables can meet the needs. Of course, these vegetables are low carbohydrate vegetables, such as mung beans, bean sprouts, cabbage and so on.

4. Fat: a thumb tip. To limit the intake of fat (butter, vegetable oil), just take the tip of your thumb (the first section) every day.

5. Lean meat quantity: one finger is thick and two fingers wide, and a piece of lean meat with the same thickness as the index finger and the same length and width as the two fingers (index finger and middle finger close together) is equivalent to 50g, which can meet the needs of a day.

Tips: seasoning and moisture

Salt, soy sauce and other seasonings contain a lot of sodium ions, and these foods have low nutritional value. The intake of salt is limited to within 6G per day. At the same time, the intake of salt containing foods, such as monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, processed food, sauce and so on, is also limited.

In addition, each of us should make up water every day. Besides some water in our diet, we should drink 1500-2000ml warm water (6-8 cups of water) every day. Drink plenty of water when you eat more protein, exercise more and sweat more. (Yang Cheng Evening News reporter Zhang Hua correspondent Wu Yuantuan)

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