Electronic cigarette has become the first cigarette for many teenagers

 Electronic cigarette has become the first cigarette for many teenagers

In addition to nicotine, many of the components in the aerosols released by e-cigarettes are known to be harmful carcinogens. For example, formaldehyde, which everyone is particularly familiar with, has been detected in the smoke of electronic cigarettes sold on the market. In addition, in order to increase the attractiveness of electronic cigarette manufacturers, additives and flavorings are added to the cigarette liquid, and the health risks of these substances to human body after heating are yet to be evaluated. Xiao Lin said.

E-cigarettes also have a greater impact on the health of young people. The head of the World Health Organization told reporters that young peoples exposure to nicotine may cause long-term adverse effects on brain development, may lead to learning disabilities and anxiety disorders, and may also increase the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as smoking related diseases.

According to the survey on reproductive health of smoking men launched by the Chinese society of sexuality, smoking will affect male reproductive health and increase the risk of male sexual dysfunction. For young people, it is likely to affect future childbearing and family life. Jiang Hui, President of the Chinese society of sexuality and director of the Department of Andrology and human sperm bank of Peking University Third Hospital, said at the seminar. He believes that the whole life cycle of tobacco control should be carried out.

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