There was no contact history of fever patients screened by Xilingol League medical institution

 There was no contact history of fever patients screened by Xilingol League medical institution

According to the daily news of Xilin Gol League, recently, Xilin Gol League comprehensively strengthened the prevention, control and disposal of plague, quickly responded to the study and deployment, launched the emergency plan, comprehensively carried out the organization and mobilization, strict screening of close contacts, strict screening of febrile patients, and strengthened the monitoring of plague among rats.

At present, there are 10 working groups under the plague emergency headquarters of Xilingol League, including medical treatment, health and epidemic prevention, animal epidemic monitoring, traffic health and quarantine, experts, etc., and a report system of conference, information report, suspected case screening, etc. has been established.

Since November 12, there have been 10600 pre inspections and triages in medical institutions directly under the League of Xilingol League, and more than 5000 pre inspections and triages in Qixian County (District). After in-hospital screening, fever patients have no contact history with the epidemic. At present, the health and Health Committee of Xilin Gol League has trained more than 300 medical personnel in key positions by holding the video training course on plague prevention and control knowledge in the whole league, and has supervised and inspected the implementation of medical waste, medical personnel protection, fever outpatient setting, disinfection and isolation measures, and infectious diseases laws and regulations in 85 medical institutions. Since the 13th, Sunit Left Banner, Xilingol League, has organized and carried out protective deratization centering on the epidemic focus, covering a total area of 8 square kilometers and 1.5 square kilometers.

At present, the state and the autonomous region have sent 16 experts in epidemiology, plague prevention and control, clinical medicine and other aspects to guide the prevention and control work on the spot in the key areas of Xilingol League, held expert group meetings for many times to discuss and judge, improved the prevention and control measures, and provided strong technical support for the comprehensive strengthening of plague prevention and control work in Xilingol League.

According to the relevant person in charge of the office of the plague emergency headquarters in Xilin Gol League, next, Xilin Gol League takes the prevention and control of epidemic situation as the top priority of the whole league, further strengthens the responsibilities and tasks of the party committees, governments and departments at all levels, strengthens the prevention and control according to laws and regulations, continues to strengthen the monitoring and early warning of plague among rats, practically strengthens the comprehensive emergency support capacity, and strictly implements joint prevention Joint control, comprehensive prevention and control, science popularization and education and other working mechanisms.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Dai Wenjia, nb12498