Hkcuhk cancels next weeks graduation ceremony: taking into account the safety of graduates, relatives and friends

 Hkcuhk cancels next weeks graduation ceremony: taking into account the safety of graduates, relatives and friends

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Overseas network, Nov. 15 - the Chinese University of Hong Kong continues to be occupied by thugs. The University today (15) announced the cancellation of the 88th graduation ceremony and honorary degree awarding ceremony, which was scheduled to be held next Thursday (21). The awarding of doctors degree is still in the absence of graduates on the same day (21), and the graduation certificate will be arranged for distribution later.

According to Eastcom, the school said that the graduation ceremony and honorary degree awarding ceremony had been cancelled in view of the obstruction of public transport services, which seriously affected the traffic to and from the campus, as well as the safety of graduates, their families and friends. The university will set another time to hold a celebration for the graduates. The honorary degree awarding ceremony will be held in due time.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong was recently occupied by a gang of thugs, including outsiders. All the people who went in and out of the university had to go through the thugs inspection. Duan Chongzhi, President of CUHK, issued an urgent letter of condemnation on the 15th urging the thugs to leave. He said that the university is a place for learning, not a battlefield for making weapons and using force. If the university cannot continue to fulfill its basic mission and task, it must seek the assistance of relevant government departments to solve the current crisis.

In addition, Teng Jinguang, President of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, together with several vice presidents and Dean of the college, sent e-mails to teachers and students, regretting that chaos and violence had spread to the campus, pointing out that the campus facilities had been severely damaged, which had an impact on the safety of teachers and students, strongly condemning the occupation of the campus by the violent people and demanding that they leave immediately. Teng called on all parties to exercise restraint and calm, and violence could not solve any problems.

Chaos in the campus of Li University (East net)

Hkcuhks graduation ceremony was hijacked at the 87th degree awarding ceremony held at hkcuhk on July 7. Nearly 200 students gathered at MTR University Station and marched to the beacon tower of the University. Some wore masks, displayed banners and waved the American flag along the way. At the ceremony, the national anthem was played and sung. Some graduates turned their backs to the main platform and shouted slogans. The graduation ceremony lasted only half an hour. The school said that due to special circumstances, the procedure of the ceremony had changed and the ceremony ended early. Duan Chongzhi, the president, then left under the escort of a security guard. According to Hong Kong media, this is the craziest and ugliest ceremony since the founding of CUHK.

For some students participating in violent activities, the peoples sharp review comments that this group of spoiled young people step into the trap and dont know, but they dont know when they are used. These self righteous young people are bewitched by the perverse reason of violating the law and expressing justice, blinded by all kinds of rumor, and fooled by the provocation with ulterior motives. These self righteous young people are totally lost due to their misplaced value, reversed cause and effect. Those young people who are trapped by the black storm can no longer be deceived by lies, and can no longer participate in violence to try the law. Looking at the devastated Hong Kong homeland, think about Hong Kongs past, present and future. Illegal violence is bound to pay a heavy price, and todays wickedness will inevitably become tomorrows regret.

Source: editor in charge of overseas network: huachengyu