The lawyer of the defendants family members was besieged after the trial of the case of anti killing of disabled masseurs

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The family members and lawyers of the defendant were besieged after the trial of Liaoning disabled masseur anti murder case (source: video synthesis)

On November 15, the case of Yu Haiyi, a disabled masseuse in Fushun, Liaoning Province, who caused intentional injury, was heard by the intermediate peoples Court of Fushun, Liaoning Province in the court of Fushun detention center. The trial was adjourned after about three hours, and the court did not pronounce a sentence in court.

Upstream news reporters at the scene saw that after the trial, the family of the victim once besieged the family of the defendant and the defense lawyer of the defendant Yin Qingli.

The defendants family members and lawyers were besieged. Video screenshots

In the court trial, Fushun peoples Procuratorate held that Lu had never carried a knife, and his defense behavior in Haiyi was obviously beyond the necessary limit, which belonged to excessive defense, so he should be investigated for criminal responsibility with the crime of intentional injury (excessive defense). The victim Lus family members offered more than 820000 yuan of civil compensation for funeral expenses and spiritual losses, and demanded that the defendant be sentenced to death in Haiyi.

Yin Qingli, the defense lawyer of Yu Haiyi, said in the court hearing that when the party was in a specific environment and suffered from illegal infringement and was disabled, and the strength of the party against the illegal infringer prevailed, it was unreasonable to require the defender to carry out proper defense, which was against the common sense.

After three hours of trial, relatives and friends in Haiyi were criticized by relatives of the victims.

After that, Yu Haiyis relatives and friends were besieged at the door of the court. The other side said, can the disabled kill people? We will continue to appeal and keep the murderer in it for the rest of our lives.

u25b2 on November 15, the court of Fushun detention center. Photographer / upstream journalist Zhang Ying

Yin Qingli, the defense lawyer of Yu Haiyi, was also besieged and pushed. Two of the men also grabbed Yin Qinglis neck. The lawyer defending the murderer is not good. Can you say something serious? You cant do that for the murderer.

In the process of evading the attack, lawyer Yin Qingli retreated to the detention house.

Under the dissuasion of the victims daughter and lawyer, the scolding people left the court one after another, and Yin Qingli was able to escape.

Attacking defense lawyers, and being at the door of the court itself, is contempt for the law. This kind of situation is extremely bad, and we ask the police to punish it more severely and quickly, Yin told the upstream news reporter

After the incident, lawyer Yin Qingli has reported the case to Guchengzi police station, and the police have accepted it.

Source: responsible editor of upstream news: Hua Chengyu