A quarrel between a college girl and her boyfriend

 A quarrel between a college girl and her boyfriend

Photos of Shis daughter before her death

After a quarrel between a college girl and her boyfriend in Zhejiang Province, she lost her way, which was reflected in the river course. Police reported that the criminal case was ruled out, and the conclusion had been told to the family of the deceased. At present, the related aftermath matters are being handled.

On November 15, Wang Mou, the mother of the female student, told the surging news about what she had learned, and confirmed that a single mothers blood and tears complaint was written by her.

Shis mother Wang said her daughter first mentioned her boyfriend du to her on October 26, which she had never mentioned before. According to her recollection, her daughter once asked her if she was pretty with a photo of Du.

Wang said that she kept in touch with her daughter from October 26 to the day before the incident.

At about 20 oclock on November 1, Wang received a phone call from Jiaxing College in Zhejiang Province, saying that Shi, her daughter, was missing and needed to go to Zhongdai police station immediately.

Wang introduced that, according to the police surveillance video, at 21:37 on October 31, his daughter left the school; at about 2:42 a.m. on November 1, Shi disappeared in the surveillance video. In the monitoring picture, the two people had a dispute on Jiashan Tangqiao, Hongjian Road, Zhongdai street. Du pushed his daughter Shi to the ground and her daughter disappeared in the monitoring video after she got up.

Wang said she learned from the police that on the night of the incident, her daughter Shi had drunk two bottles of white wine and a box of beer with Du and another man. According to the police, the daughter has a relatively high alcohol content (149mg / 100ml).

Surging news asked Pinghu police about the above content, but no response was received.

Wang Mou introduces, she is a single mother, daughter is raised by her. Shi is a junior student, studying in Pinghu campus of Jiaxing University, Zhejiang Province, majoring in accounting. She has a cheerful and lively personality. She has a good relationship with her mother.

For Shi and Du are lovers, Wang said, I dont know.

Wang confirmed to the surging news that the article entitled a single mothers blood and tears complaint was written by him on November 11. The content includes: the man Du Mou has a family, has a son, and has a criminal record. Why should he cheat his daughter, ask her out to drink, and what is the cause of her death? She questioned in the article.

On November 15, surging news called Pinghu police several times about the contents of the article. As of the press release, there was no response.

In the afternoon of November 15, in response to Shis mothers reference to Dus drinking to her daughter, beating her daughter, leading to drowning and death, Du told the surging news that if Shis mother wanted to accuse him, the other party could sue himself in the court; if she spread such rumors everywhere before the prosecution, they would also consider suing the other party. Its not convenient to disclose the details.

As for whether the two are lovers or whether Du has a family, Du refused to respond positively on the grounds that he would not reply by phone.

Previously, according to Pinghu Public Security Bureaus official microblog @ Pinghu - public security released a notice, at 3:26 a.m. on November 1, Pinghu Public Security Bureau received du (male, 24 years old, from Pinghu, Zhejiang Province) to report that: at Shangjin garden, Zhongdai street, Pinghu City, Shi (female, 20 years old, from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province) lost his girlfriend after quarreling with him. After receiving the police, Pinghu Public Security Bureau immediately ordered Zhongdai police station to handle it.

According to the report, at about 6 am on the 2nd, a womans body was found in the river at Jiashan Tangqiao, Hongjian Road, Zhongdai street, and identified by her family as Shi, the missing woman.

Source: surging news editor: Hua Chengyu