Xu Lu, Zhang Mingen: talk about an idol drama love, and carry on romance to the end

 Xu Lu, Zhang Mingen: talk about an idol drama love, and carry on romance to the end


Yesterday, I saw relevant videos. Xu Lu and Zhang MingEn work together to stage the classic hug kiss of the poster of the movie one day. You think, if you change into other boyfriends, they will say: No, its silly. But Zhang MingEn cooperates in the whole process, and Xu Lu does what he says. If you want to set the picture, then set the picture. It doesnt mean to be bored. Its just like a girlfriend wants to be.

Netizens have said: handsome boys, beautiful girls, just look at the beauty of a proper face. And, so sweet to greasy love. We are just watching the illusion of idol drama. Unconsciously, you have become a very important part of my life, Zhang said We all need to remember that we love each other very much, Xu said. They looked at each other so affectionately that nothing was said.


It is Zhang MingEns greatest wish to be able to pet Xu Lu to heaven. After all, we all know that falling in love is romantic. But these romance, to the marriage life is less and less, more and less. Its like tasteless boiled water. You even start to wonder: is this my life? Is this my love? Finally, we have to accept the reality.

However, if these romantic as a daily behavior. So what you say and do comes with sweetness. Xu Lu said: because of these 100 small things, life becomes more interesting. Maybe many things are beyond our imagination, but when you finish it, it will be meaningful, just like seeing that, you will have a memory.. The present experience is the good memories of the future.


Life needs a sense of ceremony, because we are enjoying life. Love needs a sense of ceremony, because we respect it and revere it. Even if you dont give up, you cant lose it. Muxin once said, once upon a time, I was slow enough to love only one person in my life. why? They attach great importance to the sense of ceremony. Love is a lifetime commitment; love is a lifetime romance. Firewood, rice, oil and salt can also lead a peaceful life.

Once upon a time, there was a film and television work called carry on love to the end. Now, Xu Lu and Zhang MingEn tell you with their own examples: love is to carry out romance in the end. Talk about an idol drama love, every moment is sweet