Autumn is like wine

 Autumn is like wine

Always like, and love autumn. Especially in the coming autumn, Yingying, pulse, like the woman coming out of the book of songs, has the most favorite flavor of wormwood, shallow fragrance. Entering the shallow autumn, it means the end of the summer heat, we began to enter the autumn beautiful and quiet picture. Although, walking in the hustle and bustle of the crowd, there will be a little hot and dry, but there is a fresh feeling. Every woman passing by is still in the air, raising her hand and throwing her foot, all of which are in a myriad of ways.

The sunset on the fence, just opened, red, purple, pink, blue, full of the fragrance of a yard.

The green vegetables in the vegetable bed, either thin or sparse, or high or short, are still green and red. Once in a while, a gust of wind blew all kinds of leaves. The heart filled with earthly things suddenly becomes empty, the sky is high and the clouds are light. Except for the secrets that have not been told. On the heart between eyebrows, its full of love and nostalgia for autumn. The distant mountains, the near water, and the trees and leaves that are slowly turning yellow beside them, are cool and calm.

Walking in the shallow autumn, looking up and frowning, full of quiet beauty and Enron. The words and sentences written down over the years, do not need to read carefully, go to which season, which season will be in every wind of reincarnation, it is very natural to meet us again. Even though flowers are not yesterdays flowers, people are not yesterdays people, and they still have a touch of familiarity and warmth. In the past, happiness, anger, sorrow and joy were mild, warm, clear and joyful. They were full and full. The sea of hearts surging for love is just like autumn water, with only peaceful joy. Because I like it, I treasure it. Because know, so cherish.

Because of love, everything is like happiness. I know that every autumn, you will come as promised. With your cloud and water, with your Zen heart, step all the way beautiful.

The high-rise buildings are looking forward to dusk, and the Indus leaves are drizzling with rain. Its autumn after all. Every passing rain has a cool taste. And some thoughts, just like the afterglow of the sunset, are red and intoxicating.

Tonight, keep the moon bending, do not write deep feelings, do not remember the fate of shallow, do not mention the favorite distance. I just gently, put on the heart of the grass and trees fragrance, together with the fine wind ring, blending into a glass of sake, from pour to drink. Dont blame me for revealing my secret to the wind when Im drunk. Those who sink in the heart of the past, will always arouse the corner of the eye tears, wet the skirt. I just, just occasionally indulge, occasionally lost in the pale moonlight waning! Even if the flowers are exhausted, dont say you are sad. The fragrance of those flowers, the wind will remember, the rain will remember, and everyone passing by will remember. Walking alone in the field of light autumn, you can see the yellow leaves here, the red chrysanthemums there, the sweet fruit, the fragrance of plants, and the colorful leaves. You will always be moved by the autumn charm with full eyes, and then smile, just like you have become the light autumn. If you happen to pass by, will you like it just like me? It is said that when the moon filled the West Tower last night, the east wind came again. Shallow autumn, there is a shallow dream. Wait for all leaves to turn yellow slowly, then have shallow rhyme. Another gust of wind blows slowly, and then it has a beautiful appearance, like a five color painting with heavy makeup and light touch, which is as light as the United States, and makes people not drunk. Light autumn is like wine, neither drink nor drunk. Its the autumn water that moistens the mood, the light sorrow of the clear sky, the quiet time of a leaf that knows the autumn, and the poetic flavor of the Wu leaves on the steps. Drunk moment, facing the wind, standing like autumn. Turning around, lingering with autumn, lingering out of the autumn water and the sky are the same color; drinking with autumn, drinking out of sunset and flying together with lone ducks, its good.

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