Its enough to wake up the brain of love

 Its enough to wake up the brain of love

No one has ever met such a situation, right? After all, there are some friends with such a love brain around. However, even if we are intimate and good friends, we are onlookers. Some words can be reminded, but its not easy to wake up a love brain in a hot love.

You still remember in Ode to joy that Guan Guan fell in love with Xie Tong, and other four beauties didnt like Xie Tong very much, because Xie Tong had been in the juvenile management center because of a fight, and his ex girlfriend had committed suicide because of him. Everyone was afraid that Guan Guan, a simple little girl, would be hurt.

But what did Guan say to his friends?

She felt that everyone was making trouble for Xie Tong.

Theres something about Guan in the play. Theres Qiao Xin outside the play.

A while ago, Qiao Xin and Yang Yang were rumoured that Qiao Xins trumpet had been turned over to love mentality. Several articles were updated a day, and all the emotions were born for love,

There is also a love declaration that facing the world, we are a group.

It has not been confirmed whether this micro blog is Qiao Xins or not, but this micro blog can definitely represent the hearts of most girls who love to fall in love, and those who advise them not to fall too deep are the world they have to face.

I also have a lot of such love brain friends around me. Not only do I lose myself, but also my career is about to be lost.

Some people put off their work for love, and her boyfriend said that we went out to play. She immediately put off the activities that had been arranged by business, just to keep her boyfriend happy.

Other friends will disappear because of lovelorn. Advertisers are waiting for pictures and copywriting. All the working partners cant reach her. Until the boss comes to her house and knocks on the door, she doesnt explain to the team that shes too sad to look at her mobile phone.

You know shes in a bad state, but you cant do anything for her.

On the contrary, I realized that one of my friends was cheated by the so-called boyfriend, but she didnt believe in evil. She knew that she was suffering a lot, but she wanted to be with others. In order to get back together with her boyfriend, she pushed all the pots of their breakup on me. The cheater boyfriend also said, let Da Chun be careful. I will clean her up if she has more things to do.

So little sister, after what you should say as a good friend, let her go, because its not relatives and friends who can wake up the brain of love, but shes really hurt enough.

As we all know, Zheng Shuang is the representative of love brain in many peoples hearts.

As a passer-by, I dont pay so much attention to Zheng Shuang, but I can still see all the gossip about her emotional state. Either Zheng Shuang quarreled with her boyfriend or Zheng Shuang cried again.

But recently, I can always see all kinds of business of Zheng Shuang when I use Weibo, either some activities or some airport photos, some news about how Zheng Shuang worked hard for his work, and how beautiful Zheng Shuangs serious business looks.

Especially in September, Zheng Shuang also said in an interview that when he was in his twenties, he regarded love as the whole of his life and thought that family and friendship work could give way to love,

But now we value career more and think that career can make people better:

To be honest, seeing Zheng Shuang working hard is more than seeing her tears for love.

Before, everyone was angry and happy. I hate iron but not steel. I dont know what the fans think. But as a peer, I also look very distressed and helplessu2014u2014

Why does Zheng Shuang look so good? Its the top flower in China. He will worry about gain and loss because of love! Why!

Whether its because of Zhang Hans plastic surgery, after falling in love with Hu Yanbin, even if he breaks up, he leaves a new book page for him, or to wipe tears secretly when he and Zhang Heng are together ..

Ah, love is just like this.

We always say in all kinds of chicken soup that when we become better, sweet love will visit us, but Zheng Shuang is already so good, so beautiful, with a good career, why should we feel inferior for love and suffer from this kind of love? So whats the way for ordinary girls?

Especially our ordinary girls are not so lucky as Zheng Shuang.

It cant be denied that Zheng Shuang is very lucky. She must be blessed by heaven. Otherwise, she cant be an idol in the flow circle after ten years.

Ordinary girls, lets think about it ourselves. Is our career enough for us to struggle like this?

Anyway, I cant. If I dont work hard because Im in love, my car loans my rent, my daily expenses and my dog will wake me up in minutes.

Whats more, its all team work now. If I break my appointment repeatedly, will my team take care of me again? After all, its hard to pick up a business event, OK?

If you dont take your own business seriously, who are you counting on to be responsible for you?

In love, its very important to make each other happy. Its also very normal to be sad when you are lovelorn. However, as an adult with a clear grasp, it is not easy for the other side to change their own life path.

Otherwise, you may waste a few years and look back, thinking that your brain was broken.

When it comes to love brain, ye Xuan also has to mention that she broke up with her boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo, a while ago, and recently began to revive her acting career.

Whats more surprising is that this crazy woman even praised the vote on whether career or love is important. I dont know how to look at her options. Im really curious about ye Xuans current choice:

These five years with Mr. Xiao Mo are definitely the downhill road of Ye Xuans life.

Ye Xuan and her ex boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo, met each other on the Internet. At that time, ye Xuan started to show her love unilaterally,

Play coquettish and fool in the program, maintain boyfriend:

Even Mr. Mos ex girlfriend cant see the bad boy routine. When he points out that Mr. Mo is on two feet, ye Xuan unexpectedly puts forward the view that girls are separated because they are not good enough and they should reflect on themselves more.

Almost... Is it silence.

Later, she sued her ex girlfriend and lost the lawsuit. The other side asked her to apologize. Because she refused to implement and was restricted from spending and leaving the country, she couldnt write an apology letter. A good school bully plus drama bully, so long occupied the gossip headlines.

As a big hostess who has been very valued by all walks of life, the audiences popularity has declined sharply because of the love turning over again and again.

I believe that ye Xuans best friend must have advised her, but who can listen to the authorities?

Ye Xuan breaks up and gets back on her feet. She is hurt enough and loves enough. Or she finally realizes that she has lost too much. It hurts to bump into the south wall.

Of course, we cant stand and talk without backache. After all, many people will fall into an irresistible state because of a love affair, just for a long time and a deep one.

And we girls, seeing more gossip, have to remind ourselves at all times, when we must carry it clearly.

Its lucky to be loved. Its happiness to meet someone you like. But love is not the whole of life.

Anyway, in my mind, our life should be a circle centered on ourselves, which is composed of love, family, friendship, work and so on. We cant overstep each others boundaries, so that we can balance and be a circle that is regular and can move forward.

If someone makes me miserable, replace this part, because its my circle.

Although some selfish, but life is not their own, dont live so virgin is not so tired.

I hope you dont really need to be hurt enough to wake up, but refuse to be a girl in love at the beginning, save the time of brain damage in recent years, do your business in a down-to-earth manner, and become a happy little rich woman ~

- END -