How long is Acacia? I will measure it in my life

 How long is Acacia? I will measure it in my life

Hill view

The Qing Dynasty: Nalan Xingde

A mountain, a water,

Walking to the Bank of Yuguan,

Night light.

The wind changes, the snow changes,

The dream of a broken country cannot be achieved,

There is no such sound in the hometown.

For Nalan Xingde, the yearning for his hometown is mountain, water, wind and snow. Trekking through mountains and rivers, leaving home more and more far, I miss my hometown more and more together with the journey. Homesick when awake, homesick when dreaming.

Chang Si Yi Shan

Five generations: Li Yu

One heavy mountain, two heavy mountains.

The mountain is far away, the sky is high, the water is cold,

Acacia maple leaf pill.

Chrysanthemum opens, chrysanthemum remains.

The flying geese have not yet returned,

A curtain of wind and moon.

For Li Yu, his acacia is just like the red maple leaf, crossing the mountains again and again, returning to the chrysanthemum blooming and falling season after season, without waiting for the return of the people he missed. This kind of Acacia, across time and space, longer than wind and moon and landscape.

Lovesickness, Wu Shanqing

Song Dynasty: Lin Xun

Wu Shanqing, Yue Shanqing,

Green mountains on both sides meet,

Who knows parting?

Your tears are full, your concubines are full of tears,

The ribbons are not concentric,

The tide is flat by the river.

For Lin Yun, lovesickness is not only your endless tears, but also my endless tears. These tears seem to flow between the green Wushan mountain and the Yueshan mountain, converging into a river tide, constantly washing our hearts.

Sauvignon Blanc rain

Song Dynasty: Wanji chanting

One voice, one more.

The light in the banana window,

At this time, there is no limit.

Its hard to dream, but its hard to hate.

If you dont speak, you dont like listening,

Empty steps drop into the light.

For wanjiyong, acacia is the heavy rain from dusk to the next day when banana is popping outside the window. Its heartbreaking to keep up with the newspaper.

Sauvignon Blanc

Song Dynasty: Yan Jidao

Xiang Si, Xiang Si.

If you ask for a long time,

Unless we meet.

Xiang Si, Xiang Si.

Who do you want to say lovesickness like,

Shallow lovers do not know.

For Yan Jidao, the length of Acacia made him sigh repeatedly. Long time lovesickness, long time lovesickness. If you want to ask me when this kind of lovesickness will expire, it will never be broken until we meet.

Xiang Si Bian river current

Tang Dynasty: Bai Juyi

Bianshui, Sishui,

To gudu, Guazhou.

Wushan is a little worried.

Think long, hate long,

Hate to return to the time before the rest.

People lean on the building in the moonlight.

For Bai Juyi, lovesickness is as long as running towards the South until bianshui and Sishui, which converge at the Guazhou ferry, keep growing and never stop.

Enter my lovesickness door and know my lovesickness is bitter. Once you start to miss each other, you live your life like this. How much is lovesickness? Maybe well take a lifetime to measure.

Author: Xiao Xiaomu, who loves Chinese culture and Western literature, likes poetry and drama. Always be curious about things related to culture. WeChat public address: Morning Reading Poetry (ID:bcy-cqds)