All meet, do not have to say goodbye

 All meet, do not have to say goodbye

The more people grow up, the more they will understand that there is one of the best things in the world that cant be called. Only if you cant get it, you will know how to cherish everything. People are like this, we must learn to get used to the loss and regret, and no one can be with whom for a lifetime. Think too much, love will be tired; love too deep, the heart will hurt.

Whoever you are, you will meet. Those who believe in beauty will walk with beauty; those who believe in love will meet with love sooner or later. I believe that the best one must meet the right one at the right time.

In this world, meeting is a long wait. Fortunately, we didnt give up. If love has Providence, then we will meet in the boundless sea of people one day with our yearning for each other.

Once we, like two parallel lines, walk separately, finally one day, a small surprise, let us meet. At that time, the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, your voice, so far, so close, everything is just right. Before you, thousands of encounters have lost their meaning.

It turns out that all the encounters in the world are not only long-term reunion, but also just right, sooner or later.

When I met you, I suddenly felt that the rest of my life is very long. I can also say a lot and do many things I like together. In the future, I dont ask for anything, I just hope that we can stay together as long as we can and never regret this meeting. Thats good.

What a wonderful thing to meet in life. Thank you for coming to me, thank you for love, lets meet each other. May your future days be beautiful and warm every day. May the sky always be blue and the sun always be warm when we meet. The flowers on the way will never wither.

I believe that we are destined to be together for life on the day of first encounter. If we have to say goodbye many times in order to get the last time in this life without separation, then I would like to be a lifetime.

Life has a long way to go. We can never look back. No one knows which goodbye we will have. We will never see again. Cherish this rare meeting, and fate of the people, and the future of the time, like each other.

I dont know how far it will be forever, as long as there is you all the way, I dont know how long I will accompany you, as long as Im here, I will accompany you all my life.

I hope all the encounters dont have to say goodbye. Meet very beautiful, the future road we depend on each other; years are long, please do not easily promise forever. Let the people you meet meet, the people you miss, and the people you love no longer leave.

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