Married to Li Zongsheng, Lin Yilian gets involved in the marriage. She turns over by this way

 Married to Li Zongsheng, Lin Yilian gets involved in the marriage. She turns over by this way

The life in his song is always helpless and vicissitudes, pursuing all the way, but ups and downs all the way. In the hills, he sings regret that we have never been mature, have not been able to know, already old.

No doubt, his career is successful, but in every song, he is a lonely person who listened to a lot of truth, but still had a bad life.

This year, Li Zongsheng is busy with the national tour concert. I was lucky enough to get a ticket. At the concert, Li, who is over 60, didnt even change his clothes all night. He held his guitar and talked about his bright but vicissitudes of life through music.

In 1997, there was a big change in my life.... When talking about this sentence, people began to make a fuss under the stage, and people calling the name Lin Yilian came and went. Li Zongsheng was a little embarrassed, adjusted his mood, and then sang a song like nobody else.

Many people know the story of Li Zongsheng and Lin Yilian, but few know about Zhu Weiyin. In fact, she was the wife of Li Zongsheng when he was young. She was a woman who was cut in by Lin Yilian and became an abandoned wife of others, but now she lives perfectly.

In the 1980s, Zhu Weiyin was a famous DJ of Hong Kong radio. Li Zongsheng was an ambitious young man who just showed his talent. After meeting each other, they fell in love.

At that time, Li Zongsheng was in Taiwan, and Zhu Weiyin was in Hong Kong. Dear, you can approach me until the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten. Even if that moment really comes, I still love you as much as ever. On the first Valentines day after their love, Li Zongsheng used the song rejected to you on the phone to tell about his young heart.

How many young women can resist Li Zongshengs love songs? For the sake of love, Zhu Weiyin left the one mu and three Fen land where he was born and raised, and followed Li Zongsheng to Taiwan.

After years of divorce, she said in an interview:

When I was young, I was not so mature. When I was in a relationship, I relied on each other very much. I thought that each other should give me a lot of happiness and provide me a lot of things. When he loves me, he should help me solve all the problems. All of my things are related to him.

Talent is always the most attractive, a guitar, a love song, will let a lot of girls willing to accompany him to go far away, but, really live a life, the talent of a man seems not to give marriage a lot of points.

After marriage, Li Zongsheng, who is obsessed with music, often works overtime. Zhu Weiyin is pregnant twice and has two daughters. Li Zongsheng never changes his work rhythm and habits. He either doesnt go home, or goes home, or hides in another room to create.

To be honest, there are few women who are not angry when they meet such a husband. In Li Zongshengs world, there are only his music and career, but what Zhu Weiyin is facing is real life.

Young she still doesnt know how to communicate with her husband in a mature way, and she doesnt understand that many happiness and happiness are not as she thought, all related to her husband.

Li Zongsheng, obviously, is not a qualified good husband, good father. Obviously, in Li Zongshengs place, she cant get the marriage she wants. She must be angry and resentful.

Perhaps tired of the trivial life, after meeting Lin Yilian, the two people played harmoniously on the music, shone each other on the stage, and bear the stars and the moon together. Lin Yilian was the white moonlight that lit up the years of his marriage. Li Zongsheng fell, and the fall was beyond his control.

In the face of husband and other womens ambiguity, few women may be able to calmly face and deal with it. At that time, Zhu Weiyin would certainly complain and be angry, right?

His wife is becoming more and more unlovable. In order to complete himself, his lover goes abroad. In the eyes of Li Zongsheng, Zhu Weiyin must be more disgusting than Lin Yilian.

If a man is determined to divorce, a woman cant keep him. No one knows what kind of struggle Zhu Weiyin has gone through. What people see is that Li Zongsheng and Lin Yilian, the two lovers, eventually become the family members.

After years of divorce, the resentment between the two men has turned into a cloud. Zhu Weiyin has come out of the past and become a tutor of womens growth course. She wrote a book, love anyone, love yourself first. she also asked Li Zongsheng to write a preface for her:

The books Rosita (Zhu Weiyins English name) is a part that I didnt develop when I met her. So I read this book as much as you do, and Im glad to learn from it that Rosita is passionate about life, but more aware of what he pursues, more loving to his daughter, more intimate and soft advice to his children, more sincere and enthusiastic to his friends, and more aware of the balance between giving and receiving.

Its obvious that Zhu Weiyin has really impressed Li Zongsheng.

It is said that good man can make a woman a child forever, bad man can promote a womans rapid growth. Li Zongsheng in marriage is not a good man indeed, but he also promotes Zhu Weiyins growth.

Many years later, in the face of the camera, Zhu Weiyin can speak freely about her marriage in the past:

After many years, I slowly learned that happiness has nothing to do with whether the other party provides it to you; love and happiness, all happiness must be made and managed by oneself, or even dug by myself!

No one wants to break up with each other in a relationship. There are many reasons for breaking up. Maybe they are possessive. Maybe they feel lost without each other, or they cant find the center of life and so on. After separation, lets see clearly that there must be different gains in each relationship, so that we can learn different aspects of independence.

Marriage has always been a matter of two people. Men need responsibility and women need independence. So many years later, Zhu Weiyin said that she didnt blame Li Zongsheng or hate Lin Yilian. Lin Yilian can intervene to prove that their marriage has many problems.

There are many married women who have many complaints about life. Zhu Weiyin, as an emotional mentor, advocates that women should start from loving themselves, not only be able to achieve economic independence, but also be independent in life and spirit.

A friend of mine has a stable job and a good income. She seems to be a very independent woman.

However, she is very dependent on her husband in her life. She hopes that her husband can accompany her to eat breakfast, dinner and pick up and send her to and from work every day. She also hopes that in addition to working hours in the daytime, her husband can accompany her all the time. Every time her husband engages in social intercourse or business trip, she will quarrel with each other and feel that she is abandoned by the world.

She also asked her husband to answer the phone in seconds, and wechat in seconds. If she was a little late, she would be furious. Every time, her husband said that he had to work to support his family, and could not always turn around her, his friends would be indignant:

I have a job. I can earn money. I dont need your support. You just need to love me and accompany me! When you are in love, you can do it. Why cant you marry? You must change your mind and dont love me!

For a long time, my husband was exhausted and really changed her mind as she wanted. My friends dont understand that I am an independent woman in a new era. They once had such a beautiful love. Why does my husband fall in love with others?

In fact, she misunderstood the meaning of independence.

Womens economic independence does not have to insist on going to work to make money when the children are not taken and the conditions are not allowed. Instead, they know their own value, can spend their husbands money peacefully and have the ability to make money at any time.

Life independence means that women are independent individuals who can love themselves. You can rely on each other, but you can live a wonderful life without each others company.

Spiritual independence is the ability to make friends and do things you like, to make wise judgments at all critical moments of life, and to reflect and summarize your life at any time.

Zhu Weiyins marriage may have disintegrated, but her life has been sublimated. Those seemingly not so good experiences have taught her too much wisdom in life. She is more and more passionate about life, more and more gentle to the world, and knows what she wants and how to work hard.

Woman, must understand a truth, happiness and happiness is their own, has nothing to do with others, want to love others, please first love yourself, not demand, not complain, if you do, your life must be bright.