Love is strange, mind everything, and forgive everything in the end

 Love is strange, mind everything, and forgive everything in the end


I dont know if its a coincidence, because beneficiary is a movie about wife killing and insurance fraud.

When I watched the trailer before, I thought the movie was brave. It was supervised by Ning Hao and it was a work of bad monkey.

It not only touches the desperate realistic theme of killing wife and cheating insurance, but also contains the sharp plot and character setting of corruption, porcelain bumping, live broadcast and so on.

Beneficiary is as sharp and real as I am not the God of medicine.

But in contrast, beneficiary is more grounded. It restores the ups and downs of real life and presents the original taste of life.

If the verdict reveals the truth, what the film unfolds is human nature. Dapeng and Liuyan play a more winding story behind killing wives and cheating on insurance, as well as the happiness and misfortune of the little people at the bottom.

Before entering the cinema, I saw people say that this is the best performance that Dapeng and Liuyan have contributed. After watching it, I dont think its too much. No one is more suitable for these two roles than them.

Wu Hai, played by Dapeng, continues his role of loser. He is poor. In order to buy medicine and see a doctor for his children, he works as a network administrator during the day and works as a substitute driver at night, and is beaten into a top by life.

But this time, Dapeng jumped out of the past comedy style performance form, and the acting skills broke out, mixing the human feelings he had experienced with the role of Wu Hai, vividly sketching out the plight of middle-aged men, which is refreshing and can make the audience have a sense of inexplicable familiarity with the roleu2014u2014

Wu Hai is the real bottom middle-aged man around you and me. Their difficulties are always greater than their abilities. They always have a helpless face in front of life.

Yuemiaomiao, played by Liu Yan, is kind, frank and beautiful. He is an online anchor of playing the edge ball. Liu Yan was born as the host. There is no violation in controlling this type of character.

Dapeng once said that at the end of the performance, he was a bit in a trance. The people in front of him were Miaomiao and Liuyan.

Miaomiao and Liuyan indeed have a similar fate track. They have suffered a lot of crimes and been cheated, but they still believe in love and yearn for true people.

When Yue Miaomiao said in the movie, what I want is a man who has 100 yuan and is willing to spend 99 yuan for me, at that moment, I believe it is Liu Yan who embeds her voice in Yue Miaomiaos script.


In the short review, many people say that the role of Yue Miaomiao is very pleasant. I admit, but its not so much about joy, but about Empathy and Empathy.

Yuemiaomiaos body is concentrated with countless young women who are struggling alone in foreign countries. They do their best to protect themselves, and the bottom line in the face of love is no cheating.

However, Yue Miaomiao, who hates being cheated by others, is the worst one.

Wu Hais approach to her is due to faxiao Zhongs accountant urging him to work together in the Bureau. Wu Hai is in charge of marriage, signing, Zhong is in charge of derailment, accident, and Miaomiao is in charge of exchanging her heart and life for 10 million yuan of deposit.

Not everyone will encounter such a scam, but no one can hide the lies and deceptions in love.

Even in the face of other peoples tortuous stories, we cant help but torture our souls. If someone you love deceives you, will you forgive him??

Its reasonable to say that 90% of women will say they cant forgive when we put this issue out in a vacuum that hasnt happened yet.

Dont forgive is not intolerance, dont forgive is our expectation, expect in love there is no lie and deception, expect in love dont have to face such a dilemma.

However, when cheating happens in real life, its hard for people to choose no forgiveness firmly.

We are not imagining a distant possibility. The one we love is standing right in front of us.

Once a person is moved, the firm answer will be shaken.

This is Miaomiao.

Miaomiao was very angry when he first found out that he had been cheated. In fact, Wu Hai had no money and almost nothing. But Miaomiao chose to forgive him without too much struggle, because Wu Hai had achieved the goal of having 100 yuan to spend 99 yuan for her.

Similarly, born in poverty, she instinctively sympathizes with Wu Hais white lies.

The second time he found out that Miaomiao was more angry when he was cheated. It turned out that Wu Hai didnt have nothing. He had a dead ex-wife and a sick son.

Miaomiao had a painful psychological struggle for this cheating. When she chose to forgive the next day, I was not surprised.

Miao Miao, who has a difficult birth, yearns for a family and a child too much. The lie wrongly makes up for her lack of life. Miao rationalizes Wu Hais deception again.

The third time she found out that she was cheated, Miaomiao didnt show a trace of anger, even though she was almost killed by this man.

Because when a person is disappointed to the limit, she has no energy to be angry.


If you were Yue Miaomiao, would you forgive Wu Hai?

Not to forgive is more like that politically correct option, which is also why some people think Miaomiao is too virgin - he was cheated by a scum man and almost died. Why to forgive?

Wu Hais deception is true, but he is not a complete scum man.

The purpose of the insurance fraud is to cure the child, and also to help accountant Zhong. He cant see that the child is in danger of life again and again, or his good brother who has been in prison for many years.

He has his bad, but in many details, Wu Hai has instinctive goodness.

When he ran into porcelain with accountant Zhong, he saw that there were baby articles in the car owners trunk. He felt compassion and was reluctant to kill the car owner. As a father, he understood the meaning of children for a father.

Before Miaomiao appeared, his son youyou was Wu Hais biggest life trust. He regarded his son as more important than anything, so important that he lost his reason several times, and walked into the deception trap set by Zhong accountant step by step.

Wu Hai is not so much the beneficiary as Miaomiao. He is deceived by accountant Zhong. He cant see his heart clearly. He didnt realize that he really fell in love with Miaomiao until the last moment, so he didnt care to save her.

When Dostoevsky wrote the spiteful fayodor in the Karamazov brothers, he said that his heart was evil and his feelings were fragile. This description was similar to that of Wu Hai. He had to do evil, but he was also an emotional animal.

Wu Hais final disillusionment is like Miaomiaos final wavering. Everything starts with deceit and ends with love.

Its such a Wuhai who has experienced too much embarrassment and embarrassment, and cant be covered by the word dregs. Will you forgive him?

Forgiveness has nothing to do with right or wrong. It has something to do with whether you can fulfill yourself.

In terms of my personality, I must choose not to forgive, but for Miaomiao, she has the truth of her forgiveness.

There is a segment in the movie that makes my tears.

Miaomiao decides to stop the live broadcast. Facing the camera for the last time, she said a lot of sincere words to her fans while removing her makeup:

Shes not 24, shes 38;

She is not so dazzling in front of the camera, she just lives in a dark and dilapidated room that doesnt even belong to her at all;

She is not single, she finally waited for the person who let her be her real self.

Is Miaomiao living in lies and deceit?

In order to make a living, to survive and to stay in bed with her father, she can only lie to the camera and say that she is young, she is single and she has a good life.

It is because of the same experience of the embarrassment and helplessness of having to cheat and lie that she can more empathize with Wu Hais involuntarily and understand the truth behind his lies.

Wu Hai did deceive her, but he did give her the life he wanted. He had her in his heart. A pair of slippers and a massage chair were all his love.

In the days with Wu Hai, Miaomiao feels every bit of happiness and happiness, which is very true and not false to her.

Although the beneficiary of the policy is Wu Hai, Miaomiao also fulfilled her expectations in this relationship.

In her mind, she was also a beneficiary.

There is a detail in the movie that is worth pondering. It does not deliberately highlight the character core of Wu Hai, but this detail is the character soul of Wu Hai.

In order to recover his sons health, Wu Hai wants to buy an island house for his son.

Of course, he couldnt afford it, so he cherished the souvenir from the sales office. It was a bottle containing the air of the island. He put it on a high place and looked up day and night.

When Miaomiao wants to throw away the bottle, Wu Hai is in a hurry. For him, its not an empty bottle. Whats full there is his yearning for life. Because of this yearning, he chooses to take risks.

Miaomiao also has such a bottle in his heart. Each of us has such a bottle in his heart. When the bottle of hope and yearning is crushed by reality and lies, we can really choose to lose all the pieces on the ground and the original heart and yearning.

But forgiveness and persistence are pieces of bottle. Even though it can never be intact, it always means hope for the yearning person.