I can, you cant which double standard behaviors in love you cant stand most?

 I can, you cant which double standard behaviors in love you cant stand most?

There seem to be two faces of contemporary young people.

In love or in life, you must have heard thatu2014u2014

I can eat with friends of the opposite sex. You cant.

I can be late for a date, but you cant.

I can ignore you because of the play, but you cant ignore me because of the game.

I can see your cell phone, but you cant see mine.

To oneself and to others, the implementation of two different standards, netizens call it double standards.

The conclusion is six words: I can, but you cant.

Some people say that human nature is double standard Wang, while others think it is a selfish behavior.

Two faces switch freely. Do you have such people around you?

01 adults large double sign scene

There is an anonymous vote of 23000 people on Weibo: do you think you have double bidding?

Most peoples choice is double label me.

When Ode to joy was popular, Qu Xiaoxiaos role was controversial.

One of them is her double standardu2014u2014

In one episode, she is determined to pursue Dr. Zhao and ask her best friend to help check each others emotional situation.

She said, what if I find out that the other party has a girlfriend?

QuXiao gauze said casually, then compete for the post, and rely on their own skills.

When Andy asked her, do you chase Dr. Zhao if he has a girlfriend?

She is still upright and vigorous: if he has a girlfriend, what does it have to do with me?

These golden sentences sound like cool?

But when she first saw Andy driving a luxury car, she decided that he was a junior.

She also said: I QuXiao Xiao Xiao ah, life most hate small three small four.

Its not the beat of face fight?

Qu Xiaoxiaos large-scale double sign scene was mentioned in the original novel:

There are two standards for Xiaoxiao to be a man. Since there are two sets of standards, there is a measure in the heart of who uses which. Xiao Xiao is very clear, she is good to who, look up to who, she is good to who. On the contrary, shes focused on everything.

Nowadays, many people are acting people.

In front of the likes and dislikes, you can have both sidesu2014u2014

Treat what you like and dont like, double standard must be clear.

02 what kind of double standard is the most annoying?

The phenomenon of double sign in love can be seen everywhere.

In if you are the one, the female guests mentioned double standards of love. They can talk for three days and three nights:

Mens drinking and playing cards are normal social activities; womens going to bars is not serious; mens having a confidant cant refuse, womens having a friend of the opposite sex is not professional; mens work is the main task, women have to take care of an old family before they can be called virtuous; mens wearing a T-shirt and big underpants is men, women are wearing beautiful and decent every day, or else Its not refined enough.

In the dating market, the double standard phenomenon is particularly obvious.

One year on singles day, Hangzhou held a blind date meeting. A man who works in a museum has put forward a very strict couple standard:

1. The height is more than 1.63M, 0.1cm difference is not allowed; 2. The age is smaller than oneself, not a big hour; 3. The height should be thinner; 4. The height should be versatile, and the best skill is excellent; 5. The education should be bachelor degree or above;

At the end of the event, he got nothing.

Under the high standard of mate selection, can his own conditions really match?

Whats annoying about this double standard is thatu2014u2014

I will always be harsh to others and indulge myself.

There was a social psychology study that analyzed the psychology of double standard group:

Before you get on the bus, you always expect others to squeeze in and make more space for yourself. But when I get on the bus, I complain that the location is too crowded. I hope others will wait for the next bus.

The change of mentality is essentially the change of interest relationship.

For the double standard group, if their own interests are damaged, they will instinctively take various measures to stop loss.

There is not a double standard, but only oneu2014u2014

Take your own interests as the standard.

Be strict with others, lenient with self-discipline, and create double standards.

Consistency is the quality of adults

Once there was a video of Tucao on the Internet.

At the Beijing dating corner, a 29 year old Beijing man said that dating today is too commercial:

Nowadays, people are double standards . They demand others by the standards of saints and ignore their own conditions.

In the latest season of new blind date conference, there was a very funny scene:

At first, No. 2 male guest hoped to find an elder sister type who was independent and mature, able to take care of himself.

He also took this reason to reject the female guests in front.

However, the story soon turned upside downu2014u2014

When another beautiful female guest appeared, the boys all spoke back.

One by one, they began to defend themselves: she aroused my desire for protection, who I have been waiting for..

The boy who claims to be weak is not weak, and the man who claims to be Ma Bao is not Ma Bao either.

Finally, the female guests were disappointed and turned off the lights to all the boys.

Meng Fei concluded: what each of us said, every expression, every expression will be recorded, not that I can say this to this person, another person will say that.

When you meet someone you feel particularly like, have you ever thought about - why does that person like you?

Consistency is the world view that adults should have.

Gao Xiaosong once shared in the wonderful flower conference:

Choose a consistent way, not because of their own interests and convenience, today out of this world view, tomorrow out of that world view.

In many cases, the so-called double standard is a practice of only enjoying rights, not fulfilling obligations.

Meng Fei joked: it seems that there are more and more Ma Bao men these days.

They always hope to find someone who can take care of themselves and love themselves like their parents.

When you ask others, have you ever asked yourself if you can do it?

As a female guest said: everyone wants to find someone who loves them, but the ideal relationship in my heart is: you pet me as a little girl, I pet you as a little girl, we can be a baby in each others world.

An ideal relationship is based on mutual respect and solidarity.

Why cant we all accept a double standard partner?

Chunye said that what we say is fit and appropriate should not be the premise of love.

Its the achievement of trying to love.

We cant accept that in the marriage that needs mutual support most, the other side is haggling over every inch of gain and loss.

In his mind, there may be only I, not we.


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