The Football Association responds to the new coachs four standards: have the responsibility to be familiar with Chinese league matches and players

 The Football Association responds to the new coachs four standards: have the responsibility to be familiar with Chinese league matches and players

Reporter (hereinafter referred to as record): Chinas mens football team lost 1:2 to Syria in the top 40 Asian preliminaries. Although the team led the Philippines in the second place in the group by the advantage of net winning goal, the gap between the points of the team and the first Syria team in the group has reached 5 points, losing the initiative of the top 40 qualification. What are the reasons for the loss of this match?

A spokesman for the Football Association (hereinafter referred to as foot): not only was the result disappointing, but also the process of the match did not meet expectations. The national team is a team, which is sent by the Chinese Football Association to fight, and the Football Association bears the greatest responsibility. At the end of the day, our football talent training is not enough to support a high-level national team. The reasons behind the loss of the national team are all-round, not only the responsibility of which coach, or which team member. At the end of yesterdays match, the leaders of the football association had in-depth communication with the members of the national team, and put forward requirements for the members: they should not only reflect on the match, but also be discouraged. There are four matches left in the top 40 of the world preliminaries, three of which are at home. The Chinese team has not lost the hope of qualifying. The football association will study the preparations for the next step. After the national team returns from Dubai, the China Football Association will hold an internal review meeting to conduct a comprehensive and profound reflection from all aspects and comprehensively summarize the problems in the preparation process.

Is Lippis resignation approved by the Chinese Football Association in advance? Is there any chance of his return?

Foot: Lippi did not submit his resignation to the football association through official channels before the conference. Whether he will return is not a priority on the table. First of all, the football association needs to reflect deeply internally, summarize the problem of team preparation, and discuss the next step plan.

Marcello Lippi said at the post match press conference that players should play the tactics assigned by the coach. If the team cant play at its best, the players are afraid of the game, have no morale, have no courage, and dont pass continuously, its my coachs responsibility.. Lack of fighting spirit and unable to give full play to the skills and tactics arranged by the coach are the chronic problems of the national football, which is far from the standard of good at fighting and good in style. How to solve it?

Foot: in preparation for the world preliminaries of the national team, the Chinese Football Association has established a leading group for the preparation of the national team, with Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the association as the team leader, to comprehensively guarantee the preparation of the team. The national team is in charge of the coach, and the Football Association fully trusts and supports Lippi and his coaching team. Lippi said the teams morale and self-confidence were very good in the training process before preparing for the two games against the Philippines and Syria.

We believe that all the players in the national team want to go all out for the national team and win the game. Good at fighting and good style is a requirement for every national brand team. The performance of the national team on the field is still a certain distance from this standard. In the following internal reflection, the football association will also focus on this topic, especially how to strengthen the education of the team members fighting spirit, team spirit and patriotism.

Reporter: its more than four months before the next top 40 game. Whats our way of choosing a manager? Is there a goal?

Foot: (against Syria) the match is just over. The football association needs to carry out a comprehensive internal summary, work out the next preparation plan, and determine the new coach team is an important topic. First of all, the coach of the national team should be responsible, be familiar with Chinese leagues and players, be able to work out strategies that meet the abilities and characteristics of the players of the Chinese national team, and be able to lead the team to play the next four games of the top 40.

Note: as the benchmark and flag of a countrys football, the national football has attracted the attention of fans. However, since the 2002 World Cup, there has been no experience of qualifying for the world cup. The long-term goal of the football reform plan reads: actively bid for FIFA mens World Cup; the international competitiveness of national mens football has been significantly improved and it has entered the ranks of the worlds top teams. How to achieve the above goals? Is there any plan to bid for the world cup?

Foot: the league is the foundation of the national team. First of all, we need to promote the healthy development of China Football League, so that more young players can get exercise and growth through the league, so as to enter the national team. China Football Association will introduce League adjustment plan, vigorously promote youth training, encourage excellent young players to stay abroad and enter the European high-level League. Only in this way can we expect the national team to improve gradually.

Next, China will host the 2021 World Club Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup. It is believed that these two major international events will greatly promote the improvement of the football infrastructure of the host cities in China, enhance the popularity of football culture in China, and attract more young people to play football. With regard to the bid for the world cup, there is no relevant agenda for the Football Association at present, so we should first do a solid job in our current work.

Remember: domestication as one of the measures to help the national football team to fight against the world cup, what is the effect at present? How integrated are the naturalized players? How to strengthen their management?

Foot: at present, two of the naturalized players have joined the national team, and both Exxon and Li Ke have appeared to make contributions to the national team. As for the management of domesticated players, China Football Association will soon issue relevant regulations. It can be determined that the so-called 50 person naturalization limit is not true. Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Football Association, made it clear at the football representative meeting held in August that the association would promote players naturalization with the principle of strict restriction and careful promotion. In the following League adjustment plan, there will also be clear restrictions on the naturalized players.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Xu Zexin ufe63 bjs4919