Football Associations response to Lippis Criticism: to strengthen patriotic education

 Football Associations response to Lippis Criticism: to strengthen patriotic education

The Football Association responds to the new coachs four standards: have the responsibility to be familiar with Chinese league matches and players

Lippi enters the palace three times? Football Association: This is not a priority. Lets reflect first

FA: our biggest responsibility for defeat in Syria is not to blame Lippi

Although Lippi has announced his departure from the position of national football coach, Yinhus speech at the last conference is still impressive: if the players are afraid, have no fighting spirit, desire, courage, and cant kick out what I train, this is the responsibility of my coach.

In response to the former managers comments, a spokesman of the Football Association today also responded: this time, the national team is preparing for the world preliminary match. The Chinese Football Association has set up a national team preparation leading group, with Chen Xuyuan, the president of the Football Association as the team leader, to comprehensively guarantee the teams preparation. The national team is in charge of the coach, and the Football Association fully trusts and supports Lippi and his coaching team. Lippi said the teams morale and self-confidence were very good in the training process before preparing for the two games against the Philippines and Syria

We believe that all the players in the national team want to go all out for the national team and play well to win. Being able to fight well and have a good style is a requirement for every national brand team. The performance of the national team on the field is still a certain distance from this standard. In the following internal reflection, the football association will also focus on this topic, especially how to strengthen the fighting spirit, team spirit and patriotism education of the team members.