Italian reporter: the accusation that he made more money and didnt do anything hurt Lippi. His assistant wanted to take over the National Football Manager

 Italian reporter: the accusation that he made more money and didnt do anything hurt Lippi. His assistant wanted to take over the National Football Manager

After losing, Pipi let out all his anger in just a few minutes. This anger has been hidden in his heart since he came to China, but it was well hidden before him. A light in his heart went out, and he chose to release all his emotions. In fact, he had symptoms before the outbreak. I saw him side to side, fingers crossed, this kind of posture can only be made unconsciously after Lippi felt betrayed.

The criticism that he made too much money but didnt lead the team to the East Asia Cup in December made him feel terrible. He used to hide the emotion and chose to ignore the criticism. I believe Lippi felt respected and loved by the Chinese people because of his work. This time when he arrived in Guangzhou, he found several newspapers and websites accusing him of living a good life but not working. This is a very serious charge for Lippi, because even though he has thousands of shortcomings, he is never vague about his work. Although he is over 70 years old, he is still as enthusiastic about his work as a boy.

Now in my opinion, its a sharp contrast. Before this game, he said, Im very confident about this team, we train well, we do meaningful things together, and the prospect is very good. Hes very proud of the players and hes looking forward to a place in the Qatar world cup. However, it all disappeared after he angrily chose to resign.

Lippi didnt want to talk to anyone after the game. He was only willing to stay with his wife, Simoneta, and leave as soon as possible, which surprised all of his team. After he offered to resign, the special reporter of Red Star news quickly sent him a message, but he did not reply. I know he wont answer, but I still want him to see my concerns. I know its not the time for him to talk. He may lose touch for a while. Although he will put it down in the future, the negative emotions in his blood are completely released now.

This is not the first time Lippi has chosen to resign. He didnt like to wait until the last minute, he chose to leave early. Money is not everything to him. He gave up a very high paying contract in China this year, which would have lasted until 2023. He had resigned before. In 1999, when he lost to Parma with Juventus, he chose to resign. At Inter, he also chose to leave after losing. After leading the Italian national team to win the world cup in 2006, he also took the initiative to leave. Despite the Italian Football Associations efforts to keep him at that time, he chose to leave because his son David was accused of phone door crimes (he was later proved innocent). After being eliminated in the 2010 World Cup group match, Lippi announced his resignation after the match with Slovakia and said that he would take all the responsibilities; in China, he led Guangzhou Evergrande to win the Chinese Super Champion three times and then left all over, then lost to Iran in January this year, and finally this time, Lippi took the initiative to resign.

Lippis mind is clear: do you think Im stealing money? Shouldnt I take a holiday from December to next January? Well, now Ill show you! I dont need the money. I go on holiday myself. In this way, I didnt make any money this holiday. Next, you can handle it yourself. Is that ok? Based on my knowledge of him for so many years, I think thats what he thinks. Maybe he will regret it in the future, but now its too late. Because someone has been waiting for him to leave for a long time, I dont know what will happen next.

Next comes Lippis team, assistant coach madaroni, goalkeeper coach lampura and scout Innocenti. For them, China means career experience, good pay and a center of public attention. However, it all ended in one night. They returned to Italy in a hurry. They flew directly back to Italy from Dubai. They didnt even return to Guangzhou with the Chinese national team.

What I have learned is that madaroni is willing to be the manager of China national team, with the original Lippi team. Lippis team was very sad when they boarded the plane. They felt sad and at a loss. They never felt so alone. They want to know what to do? But now they cant get the answer, because even Lippi, their leader, cant give them the answer.

Fabio ricari (Lippis close friend for many years, Italian Gazzetta dello Sport) is a special contributor of the Red Star News from Milan, Italy

Hu Minjuan, a red star journalist, plans and compiles from Dubai, UAE

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