Gao Xiaosong: half of your life passes quickly. Please learn to shake hands and make peace with yourself

 Gao Xiaosong: half of your life passes quickly. Please learn to shake hands and make peace with yourself


Gao Xiaosong has such interests and hobbies, and is even more capable of strength. How many peoples poetry and distance, the last remaining only distance. The so-called poem, even if you dont pay attention to it, pops out of your mouth. However, Gao Xiaosong always knows when to do what and what not to do. This is not only IQ online, but also Eq. He, to achieve perfect unity.

Today, Gao Xiaosong is fifty years old. When we were five, we thought about when we were fifteen. Because of the youths high spirits, its very attractive. When I was 15, I thought about when I was 25. Because the youth is mature and stable, so charming. If time can stay at 25, you say so. Now, at the age of fifty, its like half a lifetime of camp service. Really, unbelievable.


Of course, this is Gao Xiaosongs fifty. My fifty years old is far away, far away and far away. Suddenly, we all need to learn to love the present and cherish the people in front of us. Gao Xiaosong sent out a long micro blog and thanked a lot of people. In fact, he is combing the relationship between people. Gao Xiaosong knows that he can be independent and skillful in the rest of his life - so he doesnt worry.

When he saw this micro blog, he was very moved: a large part of life has been occupied by Gao Xiaosong, from park tree, ye Bei, Lao Lang to Yin Yue, Qian Lei, Zhou Shen Look at the sea and the sky. Listen to the wind and the rain. I think its very special that there is such a person in your life who appears and influences your life. Understand yourself through others, so as to better understand who I am.


Last issue, wonderful flower said discusses this question: the art gallery is on fire, do you want to save the painting or a kitten there? Im determined to choose this painting, but Im worried that others say Im cold-blooded. How cute is the cat? Why not save it? Gao Xiaosong said what I want to express:

Because paintings are the only reason for the existence of the art gallery, and those paintings are also the reason for you to go to the art gallery, and the only hope for the future reconstruction of the art gallery.

Yes, we must understand: what is our original intention? Only if you dont forget your original heart, you will be more likely to get what you want. This is also Gao Xiaosongs first half of life, right? Learn to make peace with yourself and embrace the world more actively. We are missing a lot in the process of growing up. However, there must be a lot of gains. Dont worry about it, just enjoy life.

Finally, I wish Gao Xiaosong: happy birthday, more wonderful in the second half of his life!