Dialogue between Qimao and Liuyan: after 35 years old, I dont want to get married so much.

 Dialogue between Qimao and Liuyan: after 35 years old, I dont want to get married so much.

But some people have turned their marriage into a poem, while others have fallen into the trap of marriage scam.

In the movie beneficiary, Yue Miaomiao experiences such a cheat marriage.

Yue Miaomiao is a net red. She bought a massage chair for her paralyzed father. She put on a colorful wig, sat in front of the camera, sang and danced, and entertained the public.

Until a man named Wu Hai appeared.

Wu Hai often gave her rewards, yachts, Porsche, massage chairs and even ligation.

But when she fell in love with him and got married, she found out that all these were carefully planned scams.

Many people say that Liu Yan and Yue Miaomiao are very similar. They came out of the town and entered the entertainment circle step by step to treat their sick mother. They have been walking up to now.

Yuemiaomiao had a dilemma in her career. She was reported, fined, and charged with violence for reward until a real live makeup removal broadcast made her be herself;

Liu Yan has had similar experiences, from the host to the actor, through ridicule and controversy. The bridesmaid event made her disappear in the entertainment circle for a while, and the live delivery was ridiculed as low, but she finally waited until she could prove her beneficiary.

In love, Yue Miaomiao looks forward to the love of you have 100 yuan, but you are willing to give me 99 yuan, but he is cheated in the end; while Liu Yan has a different view of love.

In the latest issue of Qimao dialogue, Liu Yan said, marriage is never a must..

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Marriage is never a must

I once saw a variety show I want to talk to the world. The theme of the first issue is about staying in a small city or going to beishangguang.

Among them, super speaker Liu Yuanyuan shared her sisters story.

She said that her sister went abroad to study in her 20s and often published articles in international magazines, which is a model of an excellent girl adored by everyone.

In the early days, as long as her sister went back to her hometown, her relatives would give her praise and worship, just like seeing a star, but the recent public opinion has changed, because she is in her 40s and has not been married.

Even if you are excellent and talented, when you arrive at 30 + and you dont have a partner, all the people around you will define you as the old leftover woman, and even if you are better, others will think you are a widow.

Just like Liu Yan, even with the added aura, there has been marriage anxiety about age.

She said that she wanted to get married since she was 30. She drifted North alone, couldnt afford a house, didnt have a boyfriend, didnt have money, and wanted to find someone to rely on.

People around her have introduced many excellent men to her, but none of them has been successful at last. At this time, she understood that it was her high demand for love and marriage.

Liu Yan has tried, so she knows what she really wants. But there are many people around us who can wake up after feeling the pain.

Many girls have had this experience:

Its too lonely to fight in a big city, no one can share the joy, no one can rely on when you are sad and helpless, so get married, but finally lose in the trivial life of firewood, rice, oil and salt;

The family urged too much, or get married, finally found that do not love people, really can not live together;

After working in a big city for many years, I still cant afford to buy a house. Its too hard to work alone. I find someone to share with myself, but I finally find that the life of a partner is too boring;


At this time, we understand that marriage is really not a necessary choice. Its better not to get along with each other as well as one.

As teacher Lu Qi said, marriage used to rely on two people to form a family to resist risks, but now women are becoming more and more powerful, which is enough for her to resist all social risks alone.

It is said that marriage is a happy harbor, which can be relied on; but when you are strong enough, your warmest harbor can also be yourself.

The economic base determines your choice

I have seen a question before: what kind of life are people who are not married at the age of 35 living?

In the comments, everyone was talking about their different single lives, but what touched me most was this one:

Behind all singles is economic independence.

Being single is your choice, but when you have the ability, you have the right to choose your own life.

I have a friend, 32 years old, who works in the first tier cities with an annual salary of 30W and strong working ability.

She works hard when she is busy. When she is free, she can learn to cook by herself, or go to the gym for exercise. Sometimes she will sign up for various classes to improve her self-cultivation, and she will go shopping to buy various luxury goods. Although she is a person, she lives a full life.

Many people say that she is not filial, does not marry and does not consider her parents feelings, so she directly receives her parents and takes good care of them every day without any complaints;

I thought her parents would urge her to marry every day, but I didnt expect my parents to give her any pressure after seeing her life.

This reminds me of many girls who have entered into marriage.

At first, I had a good expectation of love, but as I grew older, I had less and less advantages and no strong ability, so I finally walked into the grave of marriage.

Nothing bad, but always regret, will regret, will think: if I had tried harder.

We often say that its better to be beautiful and single than to struggle in a bad marriage.

But many people forget that beautiful singleness can only be achieved if you work hard to choose.

How can we keep the right to choose?

A users private letter asked me, I want to have a suite in ten years, with a deposit of 2 million yuan. If I want to achieve this goal, I must go to the first tier cities to find a job now, but my parents wont let me. I dont know what to do.

In fact, there are many similar things in our life:

What school you want to go to, what cram school you want to apply for and what job you want to find are all decisions your parents make for you;

In the school newspaper club, find a boyfriend, and your friends will help you, and these help determine your final choice.

But whether its love or career, the right we choose should be given to ourselves, not to others.

Nietzsche once said: the most difficult stage in life is not that no one understands you, but that you do not understand yourself.

The biggest misunderstanding in life is not that you have misinterpreted the original intention of others, but that you have violated your original intention.

Just like the user who asked questions, he was imprisoned by his parents against his will and had no right to choose life.

But when you are financially independent, you can do what you want without looking at your parents eyes or considering anyones opinions.

When you have enough ability to maintain your independent life, you can freely choose and pursue the spiritual bread you want.

As teacher Lu Qi said: 20 is a choice, 30 to 40 is a choice.

People will make big and small choices in their life, but none of them is wrong. What you choose is the freedom right that you most expect.

So, dear girls, go to work hard, even if life is full of setbacks, we should strive for our rights.

May you one day be responsible for your choices and live the life you really want.