I wish the world girls dont have to be stupid in love

 I wish the world girls dont have to be stupid in love

Among them, a Zhihu user said such an experience:

She was lying in bed with her husband, ready to go to bed, when she suddenly began to ask him questionsu2014u2014

From how do sharks give birth to babies to whether sharks are stupid, from why can blue whales grow so big to why can electric eels generate electricity, to can we dig a hole under the earth to reach the United States, how do people find that the continent will drift

Finally, why is whale shark a shark or not a whale is used to finish.

Her husband gives her professional and detailed answers to almost every question, just like a popular science talk show. And its this post that has sparked controversy on the Internet.

Netizens have expressed doubts:

Can this kind of primary school teaching behavior reflect male charm?

In order to show the charm of men,

Women can only pretend to be stupid?

There is no doubt that the so-called art industry has its own specialty, and that people have their own familiar fields.

As an example of stereotype, some boys talk about game basketball, girls may not be able to get in their mouths, but back to the topic of skin care and beauty, it may become the home of women.

You see, the above charm mainly comes from someones accumulated knowledge in a field. Whats the relationship between gender?

In another field, she can have the same charm.

Pride and Prejudice

Unfortunately, there are often gender bonus points in real life.

Boys talk about basketball, eloquence, condescending, girls seem to have only star eye admiration, or girls are expected to show such a reaction; but when girls talk about lipstick, let alone admiration, big pig hoofs may not have patience to listen.

This default unequal dialogue mechanism has been imperceptibly applied to every intimate relationship.

Apart from gender bonus points, several netizens in the comments at the bottom of this post proposed:

The girls whole question and answer is not really want to know the answer, but simply want to find a good feeling through weakness.

Picture / the lovelorn chocolate worker

After all, whales are not fish. This kind of common sense even my younger brothers and sisters in kindergarten know that an adult needs to learn science from each other?

This kind of thing, in junior and senior high school, its lovely to do.

Now, whether they are lovers or friends, whether they are chatting or discussing, the communication process should be interactive, rather than you ask me and answer.

Two adults, one of whom has to play dumb to have a conversation, seem more or less awkward.

Picture / I am the big brother

However, some netizens use their own experience to show that this kind of pretending to be stupid is actually a way of flirting.

I dont know the answer to a lot of questions raised by this user. Recently, I happened to have a good friend learning biology. I would really ask him a lot. And sometimes asking stupid questions is not to show weakness, but to be taken care of when feeling vulnerable pressure. For example, let my boyfriend tell me bedtime stories, just like a boy will be buried in my arms to play coquettish.

Regardless of the equality of personality and right of speech, it is only at this moment, when we get along with the most beloved in private, we can get rid of the social stereotypes and experience the weightlessness of the status tilt.

Put it in the discussion among individuals, of course, such an idea is beyond reproach.

But at the same time, from this point of view, the male of Daxiu biological knowledge in the above becomes a passive person. He is led by the womans question, which one is he flirted with.

So who is the one with real charm?

Picture / the lovelorn chocolate worker

Stupid girls are more attractive?

In intimate relationships, some women may unconsciously pretend to be stupid or dwarfing themselves.

One netizen thought:

Intellectual inequality is also a kind of inequality. Of course, the girl in the picture may especially enjoy this kind of inequality. What is the essential difference between this and enjoying that husband can satisfy his desire to buy and buy infinitely?

So, in everyones eyes, is this a special way to get along or is it a deliberate act to please men?

Picture / cheap girl

I think, mainly depends on the situation at that time, the girl who sends out this actions psychology, is to please who?

In fact, some Asian girls will unconsciously show weakness, which is closely related to the education and discipline of the social environment: the influence of traditional concepts, the words and deeds of the elders.

Even in the previous idol dramas, most of the heroines are cute, silly, white and sweet, while most of the heroines are generalists and domineering presidents.

Not only in Asia, but also in the United States.

When a girl sees a charming man, she becomes a doll that can only open her eyes. The always smart and beautiful girl suddenly doesnt know the answer to the super simple question of 1 + 1, just to impress him.

The question is, why? Is stupid girl really more attractive?

Some girls feel they have to be stupid to please men, according to a study by the University of Warwick.

Ten things I hate you

Dr. mariado Mar Pereira of the American Department of sociology spent three months, with the permission of the school and relevant authorities, observing the daily life of local eighth graders. She attended classes with her students, took physical education classes, took exams, had a buffet lunch, played on the playground and traveled together after class.

As a result, she found that although many men wanted equal partners, they showed a tendency to be rulers, powerful leaders or protectors.

This has almost become a species trait:

Most men, from the bottom of their hearts, are more likely to appreciate submissive women.

They dont want to be constantly challenged and want to be valued as leaders.

As for the kaolin flower among women, its conquering process can prove the dominant position of men.

Picture / Tang Bohus autumn fragrance

Dr Pereira said:

There is a certain stereotype about what men and women should be, so some young people try to correct their behaviors according to these stereotypes. For example, associating with women who are smarter than themselves will destroy the masculinity of men.

From the 14-year-old boys she studied, they believed that girls should not be so smart.

Even some girls have felt the need to degrade their intelligence in order to prevent threats to the boys sense of dignity and dominant role.

It is not only the different characteristics endowed by nature, but also the restrictions on girls and men from the perspective of social environment.

In such an environment, girls will deliberately play the role of little fool in order to have the right to speak.

Picture / the lovelorn chocolate worker

As mentioned above, the girl in question controls the direction of the dialogue instead:

I know you want this worship look, OK, Ill give it to you.

They use performance, so that men can not see their true self, let them relax, so as to leave more choices for themselves.

Its a way for girls to grow up savagely.

Women never have to be mens foil

But can such grievances last?

Will these young people trapped in gender roles and social stereotypes live like fish in water?

The situation is not optimistic. Pereira said:

This prejudice is not conducive to the development of boys and girls. The belief that men must be higher than women makes boys feel anxious and stressed. When they refuse to seek help or suppress their emotions, they are more likely to prove their strength is better than women by violence, alcohol or sexual harassment.

For women, even the pretended stupidity is gradually solidifying the stereotype that women are not very smart and need mens help and protection.

Picture / please fall in love with this useless me

As time goes by, some girls will believe that the gap between men and women is caused by nature, the inborn imbalance, and the natural barrier that the whole group of girls cant cross.

There will be girls who really believe that they are weaker and that they are more stupid. Girls cant accomplish the same tasks as men in life, and they are not as likely as men.

Its a pity that the potential of being strangled in this way.

Picture / the beauty of political law

In the end, in a relationship, I advise girls to please themselves rather than to maintain it by pleasing others.

Its not respect for men to pretend to be stupid. Girls never have to be mens foil.

No matter men or women, do yourself modestly. Everyone can be strong, intelligent and capable.

And for girls, Gods wisdom should not be easily let down in order to please a man.

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