Laugh and dance together. Well check the annual benefits of wilderness action

 Laugh and dance together. Well check the annual benefits of wilderness action

From October 31 to November 14, every day you log in to the game and finish the task, the wilderness elites can get various rewards including the opening times of annual military supplies: 1. Log in every day to get a free chance to draw military supplies for the annual celebration; 2. Participate in a battle every day (in any mode) to open the second anniversary elite blessing bag. Just go online on time and receive massive benefits!

Wild carp lucky appendage

On the second anniversary of wilderness action, I have also prepared a surprise gift for the accompanying players! From October 31 to November 9, Koi in the wild drew online. At 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00 every night, there will be three sweepstakes. The winners will be randomly selected from the online players. The annual special military training, rare car and 5000 yuan cash will be sent out. As long as you stay online, you can participate in the prize! The second anniversary of the exclusive ditch gift, open the game on time to participate in, the next wild koi is you!

Seize the cake tower to celebrate the second anniversary

Anniversary creative workshop new play method seize cake tower coming! In the map of block battle situation, have a game of 4v4 cake contest! After the number of your cakes reaches 200, stick to the 20 second decisive moment to win the final victory. Dont be discouraged if you fall behind. If you defeat your opponent, you will also have a chance to pick up the cake dropped by the other side, and then turn the opponent back to the winning balance. Seize the cake tower, sweet fight! You can get a lot of 2nd Anniversary battle badges and exchange them for exclusive rewards. Come and experience the speed and passion of cake Tower!

Wilderness action anniversary carnival, super welfare, limited military supplies, daily welfare and other airborne wilderness continent, I believe that players will be full of harvest in the anniversary! Go to the official website to download the latest version of the game client, and call your comrades in arms to come to wilderness action to enjoy a variety of game experiences!

Internet easy God, see the wilderness exclusive news! Netease God is the elite game community under Netease game. It gathers a large number of elite players, game circle celebrities, industry celebrities, official information and welfare anecdotes, aiming to create a rich social circle of game interests for players. Download Netease Titan, pay attention to the official account of wilderness action @ wilderness action, get the first maintenance announcement, game disclosure, and massive benefits!

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