Blizzards new welfare is very popular. Players dont grab the gift bag and buy it at a high price

 Blizzards new welfare is very popular. Players dont grab the gift bag and buy it at a high price

This time, Warcraft III: remake the plate launched the collection entity gift bag, which let the players indulge in the 25 cm tall Alsace Resin Statue. Alsace, who holds the sorrow of frost in his hand, touched many players. As an old player of Warcraft, he felt deeply when he saw this Alsace, so even just for the sake of feelings, he was willing to buy it.

For Warcraft players, what we want to buy is not only Alsace statue, but also a kind of love for Warcraft. For players, the emergence of handmade toys stems from their love for the game. At the same time, handmade toys can also be seen as high-powered toys that show the unique personality of players. In a sense, handmade toys show the existence of the charm of players personality and are a symbol of personality. However, the Handmade players like Alsace naturally have to take the first step, so there are a large number of players on October 31 Its no surprise that were buying Warcraft III: remake.

Although Xiaobian missed the October 31 rush, Xiaobian was lucky to see the Alsace statues that other players had received. It can be seen from the players sun print that the face expression of Alsace statue is very delicate, and some details are well depicted. The Buyer show is not disappointing.

In addition to the exquisite Arthas statues, the physical gift bag prepared for Warcraft III: Remake also includes the emblem of four races of Warcraft, the original picture postcard of the game and more virtual benefits of Blizzard game, which most players dream of.

This time, the real gift pack of Warcraft III: Remake has attracted the attention of the players. At the same time, some players have found business opportunities from it. Some players have recognized the love of some dead fans for Warcraft. Therefore, in the sale of the real gift pack of Warcraft III: remake, they have taken the opportunity to buy a wave of it, ready to sell it to the dead fans of Warcraft, and then earn money from it Price difference.

I have also thought about this practice. After all, the official price is only 818, and the price on the second-hand platform has reached thousands. With the end of war3 re plate making and pawn entity gift package sales activity, it can be expected that the value of pawn entity gift package will continue to rise and the price will rise again. Now if you take the opportunity to buy the 818 collection entity gift bag, you will make a small profit by hanging it on the second-hand platform at a high price. Those loyal fans who miss the official sale will inevitably suffer from the collection, so it seems that the business opportunities are not small.

Some players also said that this time war3 collection entity gift bag is quite cost-effective, has started, and the price will be doubled in the future, so now is the best time to buy.

War3s physical gift pack of remaking and pawning makes many players very happy, but foreign players can only envy it. However, one thing is said that the physical gift pack of Warcraft III: Remaking is a small surprise for players. Whether its their own collection or purchase of second-hand resale, its lucky to be able to rush to buy, and the players who miss the good opportunity can only beat their hearts and feet. Fortunately, in the double 11 and the second round of sales, Xiaobian is ready to rush!

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