The DNA technologist broke up 200 families in 16 years

 The DNA technologist broke up 200 families in 16 years

In 16 years of her career, countless people have asked her if the child is her own, and she never lies.

Someone asked her to open a false identification, or her husband would divorce, she did not agree.

For this reason, she is called marriage disintegrator, which destroys many families.

She was helpless, but she was firm all the time:

As a professional appraiser, I respect scientific conclusions.

In different jobs, everyone has his own position.

If you put aside your position to talk about kindness, social order will be as illusory.

I cant imagine when goodness becomes unprincipled;

How many people will do evil in the name of good.

There is a period of debate on the wonderful flower theory

The art gallery is on fire. Can you save the famous painting or the cat?

Many people choose to save the painting, because the value of the famous painting is very great, and the significance is far-reaching.

Li Zan chose to save the cat without hesitation;

Because he really cant say to the cat: for the sake of human civilization, please sacrifice.

We live so selfishly, but without hurting others, the world can work.

At first, I saw this argument, and I swapped the cats position in my mind.

As a dedicated cat, I am willing to sacrifice for famous paintings;

But if someone persuades me to give up my life for the treasure of human civilization;

Then I will only feel that I am kidnapped by morality, and one hundred of them dont want to.

In fact, it is very annoying to force others to be kind, which is also common:

When donating, there are always people who accuse others of not donating enough; when you travel far away, it becomes cold-blooded if you dont want to change places with others.

He who can do good has others in his heart; he who forces others to do good has only himself in his heart.

Not willing to sacrifice themselves, but under the banner of good, sacrifice others;

You can be selfish when you meet this kind of person.

In the new concept composition contest, the writers works from Beinan were copied by a contestant. The student apologized after Beinan posted a microblog to protect rights.

But many netizens have come forward and accused her of being too much, blaming her for destroying the childrens future due to trifles.

As a result, Beinan collapsed and was hospitalized, but always said:

I cant, I will accept her apology, but I will never forgive.

I have a similar experience with her, and I feel deeply about it.

When I was in junior high school, I spent the whole weekend writing stories, which were copied and used in my composition by my classmates.

Listening to the teacher praise his article at the grade meeting, I feel very sad.

Want to reflect this with the teacher, but the students around me advised me not to be stingy.

Now, who is entitled to be generous for others?

Error itself has nothing to do with peoples age, identity and gender, and the cost of making a mistake cannot be offset by a single sentence of calculate.



He who forgives for others cannot make atonement for others or suffer harm for others.

When I was in college, there was a blood donor car driving into the campus. When I saw it, I offered my blood. I felt very honored when I watched the blood flow into the blood bag. When I got off the bus, I found that many people walked around the blood donation car.

Later, when I talked about this with my father, I was suddenly enlightened by his words:

Its also kind not to force others to do good.

The real pattern is to have good intentions and allow others not to.

Giving generously to others only satisfies the desire of our virgin.

Hes still young. What did you let him do?

Youre so rich, you should donate a million.

Youre an old employee. Let the benefits go to the new employee.

Its called playing double sign under the good name.

We should have a balance of right and wrong in our hearts. We should weigh ourselves more and others less.

To restrain oneself with morality is to be a sage; to restrain the world with morality is to be inhumane.