These three kinds of coquetry can keep love fresh and women and men can easily master them

 These three kinds of coquetry can keep love fresh and women and men can easily master them

I. coquetry is an emotional expression

There is a fiery coquettish stem in the best life of a coquettish woman:

Rabbit is so cute, how can I eat rabbit?

The boyfriends girlfriend is well versed in the way of coquetry. As soon as this is said, the boyfriend has no way. He hurried to coax her girlfriend, leaving his friend, the coquetry insulator and the girlfriend who secretly loves the boyfriend aside.

Although there are elements of exaggeration and ridicule in it, most boys do like women who are both gentle and coquettish.

On the one hand, men really like the feeling of being dependent on women.

If a boy offers to help you, you worry about causing him trouble or feel embarrassed and refuse him, and show that you are all powerful. Then he cant find his own sense of existence in you, and cant satisfy his inner vanity satisfaction, which will make the distance between the two people more and more far.

When he feels like an extra person in your world, how can he stay for you?

On the other hand, as a man, there is gold under his knees. He needs to shoulder the burden of family and society. He cannot easily show weakness in his life. But in the emotion is not the same, the man also is a person, also can have the soft rib, as the saying goes, the coquettish womans best life, that is because the men eat her this set.

As long as a woman is coquettish, a mans heart is easy to melt. The rational brain is filled with sensibility and led by women.

At this time, a centurys problem has arisen - I know that coquetry works, but I really cant do it

Dear, its not that you cant be coquettish, but that you dont allow yourself to be coquettish.

As the contemporary independent women become more and more popular, it not only guides women to become themselves, but also pushes some women to be over independent, and coquetry has also been labeled as making, showing weakness, childish and making trouble without reason.

In fact, coquetry is just a way of emotional expression, which can play a lubricant role in communication.

Its not good or bad, its not simply whine, its not a kind of weakness of women to men, but you put down your guard in front of the most intimate people, show your soft side, and form emotional connection.

Coquetry, just with a gentle and sweet way to express their needs.

Between partners, giving is important, as is expressing needs.

Love is like a balance, which needs both sides to manage. If only one side pays, it will lose balance soon, and the result can be imagined.

In love, a woman is generally gentle and considerate to the man she likes, thinking that everything can last long along his relationship.

At first, he will feel that you are very good and love you very much, but after a long time, men will feel tired. Because in this relationship, you blur your needs, thoughts and feelings, you cant even see yourself, and men cant see you.

Love is an instinct, keeping fresh for love is a skill. If you want a relationship to develop, you cant keep it fresh by whining and demanding and paying with your brain.

Especially in the relationship between the need and the need between lovers, the ability of independence and the ability to rely on others are indispensable, and coquetry is a manifestation of dependence. Let the other party know what you are thinking and what you need. Even if you quarrel in the process, its also the interest of life.

If you ignore yourself in your feelings, they will ignore you.

2. Act coquettish appropriately, but more truthfully

Of course, a full moon is a loss for everything. Excessive coquetry is making and vexatious.

Occasionally, a man will feel fresh and responsive to you. If you have nothing to do all day, he will also feel bored or even tired, because this is not coquetry, but excessive demand.

Satay is only the surface of coquetry, not coquetry itself. The most lethal thing for men is not the beauty and figure of women, but the charm of women themselves.

High level coquetry is a very flexible behavior, including a womans coquetry, gentleness, interest, conversation, posture and so on, which are based on the premise of nature. Only natural things can be alive.

It doesnt need a long talk to be coquettish. Usually it only needs one or two simple modal particles, such as eh, Ho, yo, Ho... When speaking, cooperate with the movement of the body again, the body should be soft, the voice should be light, and naturally meet your needs.

Take the most intuitive and simple example:

You eat together, because he didnt give you food, you are in a mood.

Remember to be angry is not to be angry.

Now you hang your head down and youre upset. He asked you: is it not delicious? You shake your head. He asked you: is the work not satisfactory? You shake your head.

Finally ask you: whats the matter? You pitifully lift up and choose the most beautiful angle of your own: you used to give me food, but today you dont, and I dont want to, but its good to lose, I feel like losing you.

In general, men respond in two ways:

First, I cant help laughing. Laugh and bring you vegetables, then comfort and coax you.

The second is that you cant laugh or cry. I think youre cute, and I think youre making a mountain out of a molehill. That kind of females careful eye is vivid, the man can feel very novel.

Its not that you cant bring your own dishes, but you want the other side to know that you are very important. I am tender and considerate to you, and I hope that I also deserve your love. Is this not the sweetener in the sentiment?

3. You can act like this

Coquetry is the unique charm of women.

A good relationship can not be separated from long-term mutual attraction, coquetry is only one of them, effective but short.

So how to extend the effect of coquetry? You may try to refer to the following points:

1. Keep a proper distance

No matter how much you like a man, you want to be with him. Dont stick to him all the time.

Because like a person to see for a long time will naturally be tired of, just like the couple in marriage, they stay together every day stick together, eventually only let each other more and more hate each other.

When two people are together, no matter how loving and sweet they are for a long time, when they have explored all the advantages of each other, what they see is the disadvantages of each other.

Once you find only shortcomings and no advantages in the other person, you will find that he is not the way you love him.

So when you are in love, be sure to keep a proper distance. Dont get tired of being together all day long. This will only shorten the good feeling between you, or even completely escape the distance of time.

2. More opportunities for separation

Appropriately increase the opportunity of separation, let a man miss you, and create a sense of indistinct separation for a man. The more he wants to seize it, the less he can fully own it.

Its not that he doesnt give hope at all, but that where he can see hope, he can get a little satisfaction every step of the way, but he cant have you completely, so he wont stop pursuing your steps, and his heart that naturally loves you wont be free.

Its appropriate to separate when we get along for a long time, so that when we separate, we can understand the importance of each other in our hearts, so that we can remind each other again and again. It turns out that what he loves deeply is you, and the person he thinks in his heart is you, so that we cant let the love between two people love each other for a lifetime.

3. Live your own life and let him follow your steps all the time

In the emotional world, if you want to attract a mans attention to you all the time, you have to keep a sense of mystery and freshness on yourself, so as to attract the mans eyes to stay on you all the time, and make him think you are mysterious. If there is something he wants to explore, he will follow you all the time, and never lose interest in it.

Being yourself is the best way to stay fresh.

Cultivating ones hobbies, expressing ones feelings, having ones own ideas and so on are all typical manifestations of living ones own life.

A woman can grasp a mans heart for many reasons. They can be you look good and have a good figure, or you are gentle, virtuous and considerate. But the most important thing is because you are your own, unique person.

We love ourselves, even the vulnerable part, accept ourselves frankly, and maybe we can play coquetry to our partner naturally again - I believe you can protect my vulnerable part with me.

Women are born cute. I hope that one day we can embrace the girl in our heart, dare to be cute and more worthy of love. Let this lovely and flexible girl bring vitality to our feelings.

Liu Yuqi loves psychology and believes that the cultivation of life is endless, and psychology is the Zen stick on the way of cultivation. Reason can be understood suddenly, and Tao must be cultivated gradually.