I cant stand eating hot pot alone

 I cant stand eating hot pot alone

She came back to me, forget it, I dont want to go, its too lonely.

I dont know what to say, but I dont really understand that.

Maybe its because Ive been single for too long. No matter whether Ive been in love or not, I always feel that being single seems to be my main theme. I used to feel lonely when I was eating alone. Now Im used to it.

In March this year, I bought tickets for my favorite drama. The performance is in July. At that time, I didnt even think about it, so I bought one directly. I didnt ask if the ambiguous boy would like to see it with me. Because I dont think it will last until then.

Whats more, I want to go to a play instead of a date with a boy. When I was in July, I had changed people. When I was Tucao, the boy was so empty and lonely that he went to see a play alone and stayed alone in the hotel.

Although at that time I was on top of him, but this word is very subtractive. A person I think can do a lot of things ah, cant because there is no one around to choose to put everything on hold.

He said, I never go to the movies alone, or eat hot pot alone, because I didnt go to a romantic concert tour much.. Ill wait to go with her.

I dont know how to answer. Of course, no one likes to be alone. Two people can do a lot of things together, and they will have double happiness, but not one.

Im used to this mode now. When I meet a favorite movie, I buy tickets to watch it by myself. When I grow grass and want to eat, Ill punch in the card by myself. When I want to go, Ill go out by myself.

I feel very happy, and slowly began to enjoy a persons life, really invincible happiness.

Its not that we should get used to living alone. I just want to say that we should do what we like, eat what we like, and watch the performances we want to see. Theres really no need to find someone to accompany us.

I even think its more like torture to eat with someone who is not very familiar or congenial.

Love is very sweet, we all yearn for it, and we will meet it. But when I didnt meet him, when there was no one around me, I could enjoy my life.

One person is one persons happiness, two people are double happiness. Not two people are happy, one is lonely.

I think people should learn to get along with themselves and learn to be alone. In this way, they will live happily. Even if they fall in love, they will be happier.


Ive been in love recently. Then one day, I want to eat hot pot. Ill get up and eat it directly.

At the beginning of the article, the little sister told me that you all have boyfriends. How can you go to hot pot alone?

Im a little confused,??? Want to eat, fall in love cant eat?

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