The fifth personality Halloween Dress changing dance opens a good gift from Netease God

 The fifth personality Halloween Dress changing dance opens a good gift from Netease God

According to the comprehensive situation of the popularity and quality of the dressing works, the event will select eight king of the ball and send out the Halloween limited surrounding gift of the fifth personality; many players who attend the ball will be lucky and get the super delicious the fifth personality pop-up popcorn Award; in addition, all the players participating in the event can get the wonderful Halloween Avatar of Netease God Frame, put on the beautiful picture frame, even if Halloween haunted do not panic!

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Special channel opens the gift bag of true love for you

On the night of November 1, the anchor blue chubby will be in the live room cos black swan and put on the makeup of the United States Air Force. Take a screenshot of the coscasts makeup or make it into an expression bag and post it to the corresponding dynamic comment area of the God to enter the special channel. All the players participating in the activity have the chance to be overturned by the host and get the love gift bag carefully prepared by the host!

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The fifth personality the Halloween party is full of joy. We are looking forward to your dress! More wonderful, in NetEase.

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