Top 5 of the popularity list of yiziyuan autumn professional competition

 Top 5 of the popularity list of yiziyuan autumn professional competition

The popularity of the list is worth nearly double the popularity of the second place, which is worthy of the first place - time memory: Sweet spark. What kind of magic does this work have that people love so much?

The heroine that the audience wants to replace is a college student and the up owner of a million ghost animals on the bullet screen website, which has a very big bright spot in itself. At the same time, it creates a crisis for the heroine at the beginning - the website owner who has been invited by his ghost animals to attend the meeting. The enemy meeting is not only interesting but also brings tension and curiosity to the audience. At the same time, all kinds of protagonists are also very attractive. Three million fans of male live up master? Or the one man band musical genius in the music district? Or male CV with high popularity at present? Or is the dance area an impenetrable social figure? Theres always one that touches your heart!

Comfortable art style, exquisite animation performance, ingenious script Its a work that you cant miss in this autumn competition. At the same time, there are a lot of interesting stalks close to daily life in the plot, which makes the audience smile when they experience the plot.

After a million up, will you be the leader of fox world?

You are invited to experience the feeling of being the leader of fox world, dressed as a man! The novel tells a funny story that the heroine, as a fox princess, has to dress up as a woman in order to inherit the throne. Designed such as female subordinates secretly in love with their own mens wear and other interesting bridge. In addition to the relaxed and interesting daily life, the work also depicts the human nature and cognition in depth - the people who listen to the rumor massacre the demon clan cruelly, the most dangerous but the human heart, the rumor and the three people become tigers and so on, with certain connotation.

Relaxed and profound, sweet and sadistic interwoven, at the same time, there are more ancient men waiting for you to flirt!

Cooking is on CP?! Entertainment circle Su Shuang sweet text comes!

Interactive reading works on entertainment themes are never rare. Whats the reason for the top 3 of the competition list cooking is all on CP?

CP in cooking tells the story of you, a young female star with a little bit of traffic, and two male stars. Of course, you also have an agent who wants to inherit the family property. This work uses a large number of words in the circle of rice. It is easy to entertain and funny. It also reveals various ways of stir fry CP in the circle of entertainment. Cooking itself is the term of rice circle, referring to the Lord, that is, I mean. In the storm of public opinion, I am addicted to CP. What kind of happy situation should I have? Lets go to CP for cooking!

The heart of love in the youth campus

Hello, debate friend of the other side. From the name, we can see the background of the story happened in the university debate team. The opening part of this work has excellent animation OP and excellent dubbing lineup. Its hard to imagine that this is a UGC work rather than PGC. Although the selection of materials is a common campus background, it falls on the new background of debate team. Give you a story about youth.

Multiple worlds and multiple perspectives give you different Cinderella games

Cinderellas game tells the story of the protagonist who died as a common and kind-hearted citizen and went to heaven because he did so many good things. The elves of heaven have done so many good things in order to reward the protagonists life. They have opened Cinderellas game authority for the protagonist to choose a life that is no longer ordinary, four worlds and multiple perspectives. What would you choose? The big escape of the island giants, the sugar scattering of ancient and mysterious myths, the formation of idols in the entertainment world, or the strange and original black fairy tale world?

Different perspectives on the same thing may be totally different. And different world means more different choices! A game, all in one play.

Netease Yiyuan meets thousands of hearts

In addition to these excellent interactive reading works emerging in the autumn professional competition, Netease has more exciting and touching interactive reading works! If you are interested in this event, and hope to know more about competition information, you can pay close attention to the official micro-blog @ NetEase Yi Di yuan, the WeChat public number (Yi Yuan Mei Lu Lu) and the Yi Di yuan official website ( At the same time, you can also join the QQ group (group number: 699047262) of Yi Yuan players to communicate with other players, look for common good, recommend fun works together, and exchange interesting plots.