Midway to the decisive battle won the support of the Bureau Zhang Zhaozhongs proposal not to forget anti Fascism

 Midway to the decisive battle won the support of the Bureau Zhang Zhaozhongs proposal not to forget anti Fascism

He said that the film is a bit like military teaching film and military documentary to some extent, give me a fulcrum, I can lift the earth! The fulcrum is very important. Midway through the decisive battle is the fulcrum. Its a stepping stone. Through this window to explore that history, we can popularize this campaign to a wider group. At the same time, he admitted that the multi-dimensional analysis of midway through the decisive battle is also a new attempt for himself: I want to try to use the war movie cut in to popularize military knowledge to more people. If possible, I will also try to use the war game to pull the cut in, teach and play, guide young people to increase knowledge and learn military while playing games..

In addition, the story about Chinese Quzhou people rescuing American pilots in the movie also aroused wide discussion among the audience. Some of the audience expressed their emotion: the movie, from a neutral perspective, expounds the humanitarian spirit of Chinese people and the sacrifice of Chinese people in this war. Director Roland Emmerich said: because this is a part of history in itself, and its very important that I want you to know that many innocent Chinese people have died because of helping American pilots.

In introducing the story, Zhang Zhaozhong also added: in World War II, China and the United States were anti fascist allies. We fought side by side on many fronts, such as the hump route and the Yunnan Myanmar highway. The history of World War II in the West seldom involves this. This time, Mr. Emmerich described this history with a story, which is very touching. The Chinese and American people should not forget that time of friendship and help.

Emmerich, the director, has made 20 years efforts to truly represent the legendary battle of turning the worlds destiny. Whats more, the film tries to tell us that todays peace is hard won. Peace loving people all over the world should bear in mind the significance of anti fascist war and the trauma that war brings to human society, and that promoting the community of human destiny is peace loving all over the world Peoples common responsibility and the victories of World War II need to be remembered and maintained by people all over the world.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)