Two tigers released pay the bill and invited Qiao Shan and Zhao Wei to drink

 Two tigers released pay the bill and invited Qiao Shan and Zhao Wei to drink

The movie two tigers released the story of Qiao Shan taverns called Dads amazing reversal

In the exposed paying for the bill part, Zhao Wei and Qiao Shan have an appointment to talk about their life in the pub, but they are suddenly stared at by the next table. The Northeast flavor of Qiao Shans what do you look at not only brings a smile, but also harvests the amazing answer I look like you are my father. Although Qiao Shan says how can I take this? However, he replied that darling, son recognized that the door was flying to cross pro. Then the man watched him leave, Qiao Shan took advantage of the cheap and sold the Tucao, whats wrong with the young people now? Whoever catches up to anyone will call him daddy. Who would have expected that the waiter next door would check out the bill, which was not Zhao Wei and Qiao Shans wine money but the bill of son at the table next door, totaling 3680 yuan. Not only Zhao Weiqiao was stunned, but also the reversal result made the audience shout unexpectedly. I thought that the result of Qiaos taking advantage of it was calculated. This Dad is too expensive!

As a part of the film, Zhao Wei and Qiao Shan borrowed their own plots from the film to extend a new comedy bridge, which is not only in line with the film style, but also makes people laugh at the clever use of the well-known northeast dialogue stem what do you see, and the reversal of the end is even more astonishing. In addition to Zhao Wei and Qiao Shan, this is the next table son! Its Hu Haoliang, one of the top seven dancers in street dance, who has a lot of burden in their dialogue and humorous collision, which makes the audience have more expectations for the comedy elements contained in the story of two tigers.

Zhao Wei, Qiao Shan tavern, about wine, dark role relationship, warm comedy, laughter at the end of the year, double happiness

The movie two tigers tells about an absurd kidnapping case between Qiao Shan, the undermatch kidnapper and ge you, the best hostage. In the previous notice, Qiao Shan helped ge you finish three things, which caused everyone to discuss the plot. In the paying part, the different relationship between Zhao Wei and Qiao Shan was revealed. One of the three things Qiao Shan does for ge you is to find a woman for ge you. Maybe Qiao Shan asked Zhao Wei to have a drink. But Zhao Wei and Yan Ni are the only two female characters in the film. It will take November 29 to find out who ge you is looking for.

Since the beginning of the films filing, it has been highly anticipated. Many netizens have been looking forward to watching the film with the humorous elements in the continuous exposure of the trailer and feature. The strength of the strongest comedy lineup ge you, Qiao Shan, Zhao Wei, Fan Wei, Yan Ni and pan Binlong has also increased the expectation of the film. The film two tigers or the most anticipated warm comedy at the end of adulthood.

The movie two tigers is produced by British Film Co., Ltd., Shannan Light Film Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Prince Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The film will be officially launched on November 29.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)