Japanese photo beauty house super sloppy aunt cleaning two hours

 Japanese photo beauty house super sloppy aunt cleaning two hours

The hallway was filled with garbage, and there was no place to put it down. The recording crew could not resist how she could endure such a room.

The living room is full of clothes. You dont know whether these clothes are clean or unwashed, but can you wear them on the ground again?

There is still a box of rice left over from yesterdays meal on the ground. If the clothes are still acceptable on the ground, the household gentleman feels that this is really incompetent.

The only two small tea tables in the living room are also full of sundries: drink bottles, paper towels, etc.

There was even dirt on the sheets, and she said she hadnt changed them in five years. The household gentleman really wants to know how she came over these five years.

Next came our cleaning auntie, who said there was too much garbage to get in.

From the kitchen, to the clogged hair in the floor drain of the bathroom, to the mountains and mountains of garbage and clothes in the living room, it took only two hours to clean them up.

The garbage at the entrance hall is gone, the ground is clean and tidy, and the shoes are stored in order.

The living room also recovered its appearance. The bed sheets were renovated and the clothes were folded neatly. In a moment, the atmosphere was warm, like a common girls bedroom.

Idols themselves cant believe that this is their own home. They can do this in two hours. The household monarch also admires the cleaning auntie. Its worthy of being professional.

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