Rural couples take videos to suck powder, and neighbors cry with envy

 Rural couples take videos to suck powder, and neighbors cry with envy

Henan rural couples take short video, suck powder, build a three-story Courtyard Villa, enjoy a comfortable life

On the Internet, [earthy fragrance] is a popular self media number. Their creators are Qingxiang sister and earthy brother, a couple from rural Henan Province. Brother Tu is funny and humorous, and sister Qingxiang is good at cooking. With some interesting and practical short videos, they are able to suck millions of powder on the Internet and watch tens of millions of videos released.

Its a good income to be able to make short videos so popular, so this year they built a three story villa with courtyard in their hometown. Qiu Zi, a YouTube blogger who is familiar with the two people, is also envious to visit.

There is a large courtyard in front of the house and a large open space on the side. It can be used to grow fruits, vegetables, green plants and flowers. It is practical and beautiful. There is also a large chicken farm in front of the yard. There is also a large canopy beside the chicken farm, which can store some sundries.

The exterior wall of the house is painted with yellow, white and brick red paint, which looks fresh and generous; large area of glass windows can not only keep warm and windproof, but also make the appearance of the house more modern.

The interior decoration mainly adopts the new Chinese style, which is not too heavy and has a certain charm. There is also a big fish tank at the entrance, which makes the family more vigorous.

The practical area of the whole house is also very large. There are 9 bedrooms in total, 3 bedrooms on each floor, and a separate work room on the first floor.

And each floor also has a large living room space, in addition to the third floor has not added any furniture, the first floor and second floor of the living room layout looks very atmospheric.

Some people may wonder why they didnt see the dining room and kitchen. This is because brother Tu and sister Qingxiang built a room in front of the room specially as a dining kitchen. Such a design is indeed more convenient in the countryside. In the kitchen, there are all kinds of kitchenware, including modern Kitchenware and traditional stove. Qingxiang has also made many delicious food here.

The love of husband and wife, the cleverness of their children, and the fact that they can live in such a large and comfortable room in the countryside are not bad. Next, lets click the atlas u2193, and enjoy the new house of sister Qingxiang and brother Tui together!