Those young people who are squeezed out by milk tea freedom

 Those young people who are squeezed out by milk tea freedom

Ordinary fruit is also going to be hard to eat. The advanced version of freedom to buy a car and a house, let alone, is basically breathing freedom.


Too much freedom makes trouble

The complete version of financial freedom for girls circulated on the Internet is divided into 15 stages:

Hot bar freedom, milk tea freedom, member freedom, take out freedom Bag freedom, love freedom

The boys version is no inferior:

Shaxian snacks freedom, wine freedom, digital freedom, sneakers freedom Car freedom, watch freedom, job hopping freedom

All the financial stages are concrete and become real commodities. Everyone can accurately match themselves to a certain level, and the more upward, the rarer the person who realizes freedom.

That is to say, although everyone says that they only have freedom of breath, they still desperately want to make themselves look freedom of everything.

Even if you are poor, you still need to buy the same things every day. Bite your teeth and order another cup of milk tea from 20, which is a perfect day.

According to the statistics of the 2019 China beverage industry trend development report on takeout of meituan, 95% of female users under 26 years old must order milk tea every week, and there is often no upper limit on the consumption amount.

Its no wonder that colleagues often joke that some people who drink 20 cups of milk tea on the surface never blink and are reluctant to untie their ex boyfriends video members behind their backs.

It doesnt cost a dime more to save fifty cents, but milk tea, coffee and chelizi will have to bear to pay even if the price increases.

Am I drinking milk tea? No Its freedom, its nobility, its poetry and distance.

In fact, there is a deeper consumer psychology behind such a mentality: people buy goods not only as tools, but also as comfort and superiority. (Jean Baudrillard, consumer society)

The net red milk tea and high-end hair dryer in the circle of friends want to convey not I bought a product, but I have the strength to consume these things.

After all, big things are too expensive, and those that are too good and cheap are not enough to make face. Milk tea and chelizi are just right. Ordinary people can afford to consume occasionally, and can bring added value to their identity.

Its just because of this that some businesses deliberately pursue freedom as a gimmick to let people release their anxiety through consumption.

Go to each website to search, you can see the commodity + Freedom marketing routine.


Eager to live a standard life, is hollowing out young people

Young people are really under a lot of pressure now.

While quietly wiping tears, the other half also immediately put on a smile to meet the work.

The girl who was wronged at the toll station turned to wipe her tears in the face of the driver

Were not living, were living. When a college student talks about his life, he is helpless.

According to the data, the average starting salary of graduates in 2018 is 5044 yuan.

What is the concept?

If you work in a first tier city and deduct the rent and daily meals, you may have little left.

On March 7, 2019, Beijing office workers sleeping in Yanjiao chose to walk across the trans provincial old Jingyu line bridge and drive to work in Beijing. /Visual China

But the more life is like this, the more many people want to live beyond their wealth.

Young people are falling into the trap of a lack of value:

In the workplace and interpersonal relationships, they can neither become irreplaceable roles nor gain recognition from others.

Having been devastated by life and work, I have to prove that I am not inferior to others in other ways.

Freedom has gradually become the standard life pursued by people of the same age. Even if the balance is close to a negative number, I still want to be superficial.

When a famous milk tea shop is on fire, at 11 oclock in the night, its head is also surging, and the minimum waiting time is 40 minutes.

Line up, take a picture, add a filter, send a circle of friends, punch out, its the end.

Before Jiang Fangzhou also talked about similar anxiety. Originally, she was not anxious about her life, but when she opened her circle of friends and saw that everyone was better than herself, she felt a sense of urgency.

Why do other people live so well, but my life is a mess?

Cant help but compare yourself with others and pursue the life that others have achieved.

Just like the list of financial freedom, you can see that others have arrived at car freedom, but you still linger in vegetable freedom, and you will unconsciously want to fight the swollen face and step into that circle.

At this time, the concept of material supremacy conveyed by businesses and media has become an accomplice.

Fashion bloggers tell you, women should be nice to themselves and men should be willing to spend money.

The lines in the advertisement preach desperately. If you dont use this thing, your life must have no quality, no sense of ceremony.

Your peers are abandoning you.

As a result, luxury goods continue to be touted and gradually become younger.

According to Chinas luxury market survey, the average number of times that millennials buy luxury goods has reached eight.

In psychology, this kind of mentality is called market personality. They always follow the standard of living advertised by the market, for fear of being left behind.

But the purchase of one thing, not only did not let people wait for the long-awaited state, the original good life has gradually become unbearable.

Choose to fill the meaningless life with a bright life style, and satisfy the self value with huge ahead of time consumption.

In the end, text messages calling for repayment will call people back to reality.


What are you worried about

For some people, behind the efforts to achieve milk tea freedom is actually anxiety about their current status.

A British documentary called identity anxiety explores the source of these anxieties.

In the documentary, the protagonist often feels like a failure after watching the speech of LES, the top American motivator.

For this reason, he paid a special visit to les. But Les told him, I just want to make you anxious, especially when you dont live a better life.

In Less view, the losers who cant complete a big business or earn a lot of money should not fall asleep safely.

But if you dont live according to this standard, you wont get happiness in your life?

The hero is confused.

He began to visit people in various fields, and finally found the answer in the female writer Mary.

Mary used to be the manager of the Royal Opera House. During her work, she led a life of spinning like a turntable. It wasnt until 1999, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, that she decided to stop working and rethink her value.

The approaching of death made her realize that what she had when she was alive would be forgotten.

In this documentary, there is a thought-provoking saying: people in different times are anxious about their social identity.

In 18th century England, the gentlemen looked forward to wealth, horses and elegant temperament;

Nowadays, people are more concerned about other peoples attention and worry about their evaluation.

We always have great dissatisfaction with the status quo and crazy desire for higher living standards.

The starting point of anxiety is to be afraid of not meeting the standard of living well.

Inspired by various standards, a lot of things that add to the cake are defined as necessities of life.

The success of life is solidified into the same pattern.

However, the wheels of the times are rumbling forward, and the standards are constantly changing.

These illusory definitions are like the hay hanging in front of the donkey, which keeps grinding and turning, but can never be eaten.

One issue of the round table school once said, why do you always feel poorer and poorer?. Guests said that people should learn to distinguish needs from wants.

Most of the problems that the rich need to solve are called wants, while the relatively poor are needs.

Even people whose living standard is far higher than the subsistence line will complain about their lack of money, because they make a lot of money, and their desire is growing.

But for the majority of people, regardless of extreme poverty:

The so-called lack of money is that your desire is one dollar more than your income;

The so-called rich, is your desire than your income less than a dollar.

If life is too bitter, realize milk tea freedom first mentality, may be able to alleviate the mood for a while, but can not solve the fundamental anxiety.

After all, there will always be someone richer, prettier and better than you

Everyone doesnt want to fall behind, but by material standards, there is no end to the game.

When you constantly feel uneasy about the life in front of you and envy others freedom, you may as well sink down and think about it:

What kind of life I am looking forward to, what kind of work I want to do, and how I can get value.

Put down the external material anxiety, the real delicate life, depends on your efforts from the inside out.

Freedom should mean different things to you and me.

Source: editor in charge of Netease open course: Wang Feng, nbj10772