From making action movies to making Rockets: the history of the rise of mask in Japan

 From making action movies to making Rockets: the history of the rise of mask in Japan

But senior executives are more familiar with the other side of it - in DMMs intricate business system, games are just the tip of the iceberg, with the focus on DMM, which used to be a company that made its fortune on adult Ivys website.

Anyone who has a deep understanding of DMM will exult and exult because he has found his soul belonging for a long time.

DMM was founded in 1998, by the so-called Japanese ivy Godfather of Kamiyama founded.

He is quite low-key and never shows his face when he is interviewed; even if he takes a picture, he also requires that he must use cartoon pattern to code. Others have made his image into an expression bag and sold it on line.

Different from the ponghub, who cant get a word out of it, Guishans attitude towards people and the pattern of looking at the world are obviously much bigger.

From the king of eroticism to the star of entrepreneurship, to the giant of Internet business, he was invited to give a speech by a first-class university. Now he has more than 3.5 billion dollars. The top ten teacher in Japans rich list, Guishan, has become the inspiration of countless entrepreneurs for his heroic deeds over the years.

It is rumoured that Mr. Kamiyama once worked as a stripper in a gay club, played ivy, and the women in the reception of DMM company were all Ivys actresses. There are also rumours that behind Mr. Kamiyama, there are not only a huge underworld organization as a backer, but also the care of the former Japanese Prime minister. Even others say that DMM is sent by hostile forces to pollute the spiritual world of Japanese young people

No matter how the rumors turn around, we cant help wondering, whats behind this mysterious and inescapable DMM group? How did Mr. Guishan become a top rich man from a nobody?

Guishan grew up in a small Japanese county. His parents run a singing and dancing hall. Men can pay for a waitress to accompany them, but many dissatisfied men want to have more in-depth communication.

Growing up in such an environment, he was used to seeing all kinds of scenes, and at the same time, he learned not to prejudice anyone or any industry.

After graduating from high school, Guishans dream at that time was to sit and count money, so he went to Tokyo to study accounting and taxation, but when he learned half of it, he was told by the teacher that there was no way out in this business

Although the development of the world is full of variables, there is still warmth everywhere. At a time when Guishan was confused about the future, a senior opened the door of a new world for him - a way to make money quickly.

As soon as Guishan heard that he made a lot of money, he readily agreed. As a result, he was brought to the prosperous area where the lights were red and the wine was green, and became a cowherd.

When the cowherd in this period of time, Guishan harvest the first barrel of gold in his life.

But the job gradually made him feel empty, so he began to study business economics. Set up a stall, open a restaurant, open a bar... Mr. guishanjingsi has tried many businesses, but all ended in failure.

After several years of hard work in big cities, Guishan returned to his hometown, opened a video and disc rental shop, earned income by selling and leasing R18 adult films, and rapidly expanded to five chain stores - this is where DMM started.

At that time, Guishan watched a movie called back to the future. One of the plots is the protagonist crosses into the future where the video tape has disappeared, and people are watching the video with signals. This scene brings great shock and inspiration to Guishan.

He pondered, what is there that will never be out of date?

u2014u2014Make Ivy! Only the creators of content can never be eliminated by the times!

In 1990, at the age of 29, Guishan founded Beidu company and began to make Ivy herself.

In the fierce market competition, gradually explore and open up a development path of their own.

Guishan uses the method of first supply and then charge, and regularly provides the completed Ivy works to the store for free, and the balance will be settled as much as it can be sold, and the rest will be returned.

In order to track and master the consumption trend of the market, Mr. guishanjingsi also gives cash cashiers to the stores selling products on a commission basis for free, so as to obtain the sales data.

This kind of marketing model seems easy to lose money, in fact, is to get the resources that now seem to be more expensive big data.

Guishan summarizes the cash registers consumption records into sales data, analyzes what types of films have a market, and then adjusts the companys shooting plan according to the classification of actors, directors and production companies.

In the era of no Internet, he had big data thinking, optimized products based on data analysis, and then increased sales volume. It can be seen that Mr. guishanjingsis foresight in the business field is much better.

I didnt get into it because I particularly liked adult movies. He said, but my attempt succeeded. Once I have money, I want to try something else.

In 1998, Guishan launched, a paid pornographic video service.

As the first batch of online video websites in Japan, DMM adopts the membership system. As long as you pay 2000 yen a month, you can watch all kinds of videos. Then DMM grew and became the largest Ivy production company and online sales website in Japan.

In the age when the Internet and personal computers were not yet popular, Guishan, with a leading vision, made the rising sun of a Japanese Internet empire rise.

By 2007, in addition to Ivys works, DMM has also provided leasing and selling of digital content such as animation, music, e-books, TV programs, games, etc., becoming a diversified digital content provider.

Now Japans adult film industry has an annual output value of about $1 billion, and DMM alone accounts for most of it.

While the adult industry has brought stable cash flow, DMM has also begun to expand the new version of the map, trying to take off the colored hat transformation, split the brand, independent the love action film business department, and change its face (although the domain name is still DMM).

At the same time of investing in online education, foreign exchange trading and financial and securities markets, the company also launched solar power generation business and set foot in the energy market; invested 1 billion yen to open maker space in Tokyo; when the virtual currency mining business was the most popular, the company did not forget to take part in it.

Even the idea of building a rocket

For Guishan, every new business attempt is like a gamble, but he will never make a loss business, and he will resolutely give up the business that has no improvement or has a slow progress, and stop the loss in time.

Now, Guishan has completed its mission, resigned as the president of the company, and encouraged the elders who fought with him to give their rights to the young people to explore the unknown new battlefield.

Perhaps, the brain hole of the island people has never let people down. A better DMM is just around the corner.

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