Five years of cultivation, three years of cultivation, Zhangzi Island scallops are all dead this year?

 Five years of cultivation, three years of cultivation, Zhangzi Island scallops are all dead this year?

In 2014, Zhangzi Island made its first big loss after listing, with a loss of 1.189 billion. This year, Zhangzi Island said that you need to be frozen to death by the Yellow Sea cold water regiment. The scallops were stunned: I never thought that after so many years of mixing in the sea, there was such a shameful way to die, but the Swertia called shellfish to die, and shellfish had to die.

In 2017, Zhangzi Island lost another 723 million yuan. This time, the scallops experienced a famine, died, were thin and ran. In short, the index of loss was successfully completed.

In the 19th double 11, Zhangzi Island prepared another pot of more than 300 million yuan. Faced with the sudden loss indicators, these low IQ creatures of Mollusca dont know how to deal with each other. They can only choose collective generosity after singles day.

This times escape is the pursuit of waves, or the cage does not retain!

After hearing that the scallops in Zhangzi Island committed suicide, the garlic in Jinxiang of Jining and the fans in Longkou of Yantai all fell into melancholy. They are all flowers cultivated by the motherland. Why do you have to leave before you even go to the dinner table?

Doesnt it mean that after the founding of the peoples Republic of China, we wont let Chengjing become an expert?

Whats more, netizens joked about the story of scallop escape in daozhangzi Island, which was called wandering Zhangzi Island.

If we want to choose the most legendary animal in China, the scallops of Zhangzi Island should say that they are the second, no animal dare to be the first.

Natural disaster or man-made disaster, in short, Zhangzi Island scallop is blessed by a mysterious oriental power.

Look at this wild scallop. As long as its fast enough, garlic and fans cant catch up with me

This makes people have to think of other mysterious animals hidden in the mysterious sea:

The octopus is obviously an octopus, but it only leaves two legs for the coconut Octopus running the road, as if he is walking on a stage.

Swimming does not forget to keep the beauty of hairy star, one word beautiful, two words really beautiful!

And the scarlet puffed anemone, which is so wonderful and whose swimming style is so wordless.

It can be called the disguised giant in the animal world and the mimicry octopus of the versatile giant. If you dont agree with me, you will change

I change

I change

I will change again.

There are also many interesting behaviors in the animal kingdom:

Pig toothed fish, the only fish in the world that can use tools, break the food shell with the help of external forces. Einstein in fish!

The clean symbiosis widely exists in the ocean. The small clean shrimp and clean fish provide cleaning services in the mouth of customers fish.

How can I describe it to you? How comfortable it is. Let hippos represent it. After all, it cant be seen from the fishs face.

Look at this pleasant expression

Since humans can learn to drive cars, can animals drive? The answer is yes. Researchers at the University of Richmond in the United States taught a group of 17 mice to drive small plastic cars to find food.

I dont know if this jerry can run past Tom and back into the garage!

Its very common for dogs to pee and occupy pits, but its the first time for two dogs to fight for territory for 300 rounds

The mysterious scallop of Zhangzi Island will always be revealed, and the magical animal world is waiting for humans continuous exploration.

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