FA: our biggest responsibility for defeat in Syria is not to blame Lippi

 FA: our biggest responsibility for defeat in Syria is not to blame Lippi

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After the match, national football coach Marcello Lippi took the initiative to take responsibility and resigned from the post of coach. For the consecutive points lost in the Philippines and Syria, the official press spokesman of the Football Association said that the biggest responsibility was not Lippi, but the football association itself.

Not only was the result disappointing, but the process didnt meet expectations. The national team is a team, which is sent by the Chinese Football Association to fight, and the Football Association bears the greatest responsibility. At the end of the day, our football talent training is not enough to support a high-level national team. The reasons behind the loss of the national team are all-round, not just the responsibility of which coach or player.

At the end of last nights match, the relevant leaders of the football association also communicated and discussed with the players about the problems in this match, and finally asked the players of the national team to reflect deeply: the players must reflect on the game, at the same time, they should not be discouraged. There are four matches left in the top 40 of the world preliminaries, three of which are at home. The Chinese team has not lost the hope of qualifying. The football association will study the preparations for the next step. After the national team returns from Dubai, the China Football Association will hold an internal review meeting to conduct a comprehensive and profound reflection from all aspects and comprehensively summarize the problems in the preparation process.