Kanghui, a famous mouth of CCTV, wrote a book about the past: he mistakenly thought it was a fraud when he was invited to the Spring Festival Gala

 Kanghui, a famous mouth of CCTV, wrote a book about the past: he mistakenly thought it was a fraud when he was invited to the Spring Festival Gala

Beijing, Nov. 15, Beijing, China news. Recently, Kanghui, a famous mouth of CCTV, has been on the hot search frequently, and has made a lot of fans with vlog. At ordinary times, his style of hosting is mature and steady, which is praised as God of broadcasting by many audiences.

Recently, Kanghui published an essay collection average score, which records years of study and career experience. It also mentions a blunder snivel gate in that year and the interesting experience when he was the host of the Spring Festival Gala.

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He also made a sincere response to the title of God of broadcasting: I am not God of broadcasting. The infinite approach to perfect work can only be achieved by careful and careful accumulation every time.

First entering Guangyuan: nicknamed old society

Kang Hui was born in 1972. China Media University is his alma mater. Before long, the female students in the class gave him the nickname the old society, because what they saw was always a serious face, like a deep hatred

The first year of university finally began the professional courses. In the average score, Kang Hui recalled that the first lesson was to learn the standard pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese. Every day, he played with his tongues position in the mouth and read aoeiu u00fc... to the general tongue bitmap of the anatomy map

When he returned home from the holiday, the neighbors child asked admiringly, what do you learn in college? After knowing the answer, he said with a disdainful face, we have learned it in kindergarten.

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Although it was boring, Kanghui persisted and even got the only full mark in the first speech test of the whole class. When I want to give up, my Guangyuan when I was 18 will tell me: hold on, hold on, Kang said

I mistakenly thought it was a fraud when I received a message to attend the Spring Festival Gala meeting

After graduation in 1993, Kanghui entered the work of CCTV at that time. Since 2001, Kang Hui has served as the deputy director of the broadcasting Department of CCTV news center, and presided over various programs such as news broadcast, news 30 points and news live room. In addition, he has presided over the Spring Festival Gala several times with his colleagues.

As for the experience of being the host of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, there is also an interesting story. One day in January 2015, Kanghui received a short message inviting him to attend the Spring Festival Gala meeting. At first, he thought it was a telecommunication fraud. He called HARVIN, the director of the Spring Festival Gala, and then he knew it was true.

In 2015, as the host of the Spring Festival Gala, Kanghuis pressure increased sharply. The most tense moment is the countdown of 10 seconds before the opening, standing on the side screen, Kanghui took a deep breath and told himself: everything is the best arrangement, just like the simulcast, as long as the opening song rings and the first sentence is said, all the tension will disappear.

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In 2018, Kanghui experienced another test when he was the host of the Spring Festival Gala: because he didnt pay attention to keeping warm, he began to have a cold cough. The closer to new years Eve, the more coughing he got. Later, he asked Li Zimeng for a strong cough medicine and swallowed half of it an hour before the opening.

Fortunately, Kanghui, who took the cough medicine, didnt cough any more. He said in the book, I can finish the 2018 Spring Festival Gala successfully. Thank God, and more importantly, Li Zimeng, the great hero of invisibility!

Whats snot gate?

In fact, in his 20 years of work experience, Kanghui also made mistakes, such as the snot gate that made him feel a lot. He also wrote these in the average score.

It was on April 2, 2010, at noon live broadcast of news 30 points. Suddenly, an urgent draft came in. It was a two page fax draft. Before Kanghui can have a complete look, the lens has been cut to the camera in front of him.

At this time, the editor had no time to rearrange the manuscript according to the format conforming to the standard of the prompter. Kang Hui had to look down at the manuscript and broadcast it. At the same time, he had to look up at the camera to communicate at the beginning and the end of some sentences and places that need to be emphasized.

However, Kanghui suffered from allergic rhinitis. He got up in the morning and caught up with an urgent article to be broadcast. His nose was a bit out of control.

As he tried to calm down, Kanghui quickly calculated what to do. Finally, he decided not to raise his hand to wipe his nose, so as not to break the normal state of the broadcast, and then he tried to raise his head to broadcast as much as possible. When he had to lower his head, he would take a snuff from the angle of the camera to slow down the snuffle.

Just like this, I insisted on broadcasting, but my nose was hung under my nose. With the light of the studio, I couldnt not show it. Moreover, the sound of sniffing can be heard no matter how much it is controlled. Kanghui knows that snot is inevitable.

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There are different responses to snot on the Internet. Some people said: Kanghui has no mistakes in running his nose. He is admired and moved by his professionalism and personal quality. Some people say that its not serious to broadcast news with a runny nose.

Kang Hui said that he has seen a lot of kindness and tolerance from some things he has experienced, including snot gate. When explaining the origin of the title of average score, he also said that on talent, he is very ordinary. In the arena of life and career, if you dont like people, you have to try every option hard. You can pass every option. If you work hard above the pass, you may be able to stand on a higher level. One by one, you can get yourself a higher average score.

Some readers have commented that genius is a minority after all, and the best talent is an unyielding momentum. The ordinary but hard-working life may be the reference model for most people.

Kang Hui said that writing these words in the book is another form of communication with others. He has always believed that sincere communication can always produce a little value and significance.

Source: editor in charge of China News Network: Dai Wenjia, nb12498