Rioters disrupt the teaching of Hong Kong universities British American University urges exchange students to return home

 Rioters disrupt the teaching of Hong Kong universities British American University urges exchange students to return home

[global network report] extreme demonstrations by Hong Kong thugs have spread to the campus, and the security situation of many universities in Hong Kong is worrying the outside world. A number of British and American media said Thursday that some universities from the United States and other countries have asked exchange students to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible, and some have terminated their plans to study in Hong Kong ahead of time, for the sake of safety and the course cannot be continued.

The boar, a student newspaper at Warwick University, recently said it strongly urged its exchange students studying in Hong Kong to return home, the BBC reported Thursday. According to the boar, the University of Warwick said in an email to students that it has been keeping a close eye on the situation in Hong Kong and has made a decision (the situation) is no longer suitable for our students to stay.

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Warwick University now strongly urges you to shorten your time studying or working abroad and return to the UK or your permanent residence as soon as possible, the email continued

The school also said the cost of the return flight would be reimbursed by the school.

In addition to emailing students, the BBC said it also said in a statement that, like several other universities in the UK, we are contacting students and staff at Warwick University in Hong Kong to provide them with the opportunity to return to the UK and advise them to do so.

The BBC also noted that the University of Nottingham in the UK said it had also provided air tickets for students who were concerned about their own safety.

This week, violence by some mobs in black began to spread to many universities in Hong Kong. On the 13th, the Chinese University of Hong Kong announced the cancellation of the rest of the semester. On the same day, the British foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a statement that the conflict occurred in many universities, especially the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shatin, adding that students should avoid places where protesters gather and be careful when walking around the campus.

In fact, the foreign university students affected by the demonstration are far more than the two.

The Hoya, a student - sponsored newspaper of Georgetown University, announced on twitter Thursday that students who are studying in Hong Kong this semester will return to the United States in view of the demonstrations in Hong Kong universities.

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Due to demonstrations in the region, Georgetown Universitys study abroad program in Hong Kong has cancelled the rest of the semester, the Hoya said on twitter. According to three Georgetown University students involved in the program, students will leave in the next few days.

Megan dubyak, vice president of strategic communication at Georgetown University, told USA today by email that students from Georgetown University (mainly) study at two universities in Hong Kong. Dobiak confirmed that the students courses would be completed ahead of time.

Several students from northern Europe studying at Hong Kong Baptist University are also being transferred due to demonstrations, USA Today reported Thursday.

I really dont know whats going on, I have to pack up, a student named Elina neverdal hjoennevaag told NRK Wednesday She said she and several other exchange students were told to pack up and leave school, everyone left with their suitcases and a lot of people cried.

According to USA today, the Norwegian foreign ministry previously said on its website that if teaching is interrupted by demonstrations, students should continue to assess campus security. The Danish University of technology urged 36 of its students in Hong Kong to pack and return home.

Affected by the continuing serious violence, the Chinese University of Hong Kong made an urgent statement on its official website on the 13th, announcing that the semester will end immediately and that all university departments and postgraduate courses will be cancelled. In addition, Hong Kong University of science and technology and Hong Kong Baptist University also decided to cancel the rest of the semester.

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Source: editor in charge of global network: Dai Wenjia, nb12498