Hifiman releases new headset Deva price: 1780 yuan

 Hifiman releases new headset Deva price: 1780 yuan

Hifiman said that the andanda-bt released in April this year is the first advanced active headset that fully meets the above-mentioned concept of advanced active headset, while the Deva headset is an advanced active headset with external Bluetooth / USB module and ultra nano diaphragm flat unit, with more diversified application scenarios; the sensitivity is 93.5db, the impedance is only 18 ohms, easy to drive, and the net weight including external Bluetooth module is only 375 grams The input interface of Deva is compatible with 3.5pro balanced four-stage headphone jack. The channel separation is increased by 20 dB, the power is greater and the efficiency is higher.

Devas Bluetooth module, nicknamed bluemini, adopts high pass csr8765 chip, built-in high-power earpiece and fever level filter and buffer, balances the maximum output power of the earpiece amplification line up to half a watt, and has sufficient reserve power. The dynamic and details can be fully tested with the desktop earpiece.

Hifiman said that the team has been thinking about how to change hifimans high-end sound quality technology, whether it is the nano diaphragm technology of flagship susvara or the warm and noble amplifier voice of electronic tube, so that more users can experience it; in the process of research and development, the hifiman team did experiments with susvara, and on the premise of ensuring the basic structure, the diaphragm was replaced by Neo super nano which can be mass produced Meter diaphragm, other materials have also done cost reduction and scale production optimization, while trying to ensure that the timbre close. Through the comparison of frequency response curves, the timbre sense of the two is very close. It is only susvara that presents the elegant and noble atmosphere of medium and high frequency, as well as the supergroup analytical power. Deva cannot be compared.

At the same time, at the level of algorithm and circuit, Deva made every effort to simulate the voice of the electronic tube on the bluemini Bluetooth / USB / earphone module.

In view of this, the hifiman product R & D team put Deva on the evolution tree of headset, which symbolizes hifimans information for 15 years. It is called the son of susvara. It is an advanced active headset with super nano diaphragm and wired / wireless / USB omnipotence.

Deva market price is 1780 yuan and will be listed in hifiman tmall mall and Jingdong Mall.

Another new product released by hifiman is hm1000 HD wireless music player / DAC.

Hm1000 integrates four pcm1704k chips into the size of traditional cassette box, discards the screen part of traditional player, and relies on hifimans own app for remote control and local play. Hm1000 has the circuit design completely consistent with the desktop hifi sound source, and can fully support Hwa, LDAC, aptxhd, aptxlhdc, AAC, SBC and other mainstream Bluetooth lossless formats. Meanwhile, hm1000 can pass us The B / otgaudiodac mode is connected to the computer and other audio sources, and can support lossless music files in the format of 24bit / 192Khz at most.

In terms of industrial aesthetics, hm1000 refers to the texture of the classic Damascus knife, which is full of delicate hazy feeling and delicate texture; it includes 3.5 and 4.4 balance headphone port and lineout interface. The TF card slot can support up to 512gb capacity, and the price is 29800 yuan. It will accept the reservation and replacement service from November 10.

Source: responsible editor of Netease technology report: Yao Liwei, nt6056