One day event: the added value of industries above designated size increased by 4.7percent year on year in October

 One day event: the added value of industries above designated size increased by 4.7percent year on year in October

In order to strengthen the off-site supervision of life insurance and effectively prevent industry risks, the personal insurance Department of the CIRC organized and held an interview meeting on risk warning in the near future, and the participants were the chief actuary of the insurance company. It is reported that the interviewed institutions include 13 life insurance companies, including Allianz life, Tianan life, Huaxia life, Junkang life, Xintai life, Guohua life, Evergrande life, Centennial life, Hongkang life, everyone life, Shanghai life, Fosun United Health and mutual life. According to people familiar with the matter, the institutions were interviewed about annuity insurance products with a predetermined interest rate of 4.025%. At present, some companies have stopped selling related products in an emergency.

Zhangzidao: estimated write off of inventory cost and provision for inventory falling price of 278 million yuan

Zhangzidao disclosed the sampling test results of bottom seeded shrimps and scallops in autumn 2019: it is estimated that the total amount of inventory cost written off and provision for inventory falling price is 278 million yuan, accounting for 90% of the book value of the above bottom seeded shrimps and scallops by the end of October 2019, which has a significant impact on the companys business performance in 2019. The company has conducted parallel communication with major loan banks and invited relevant banking business leaders to conduct field research on the island. At present, the companys credit is stable and its operation is stable.

Li Keqiang: local governments should speed up the construction of complementary board projects to promote effective investment and industrial upgrading

Li Keqiang presided over the Symposium on the economic situation and the protection of basic peoples livelihood in some provinces. Li Keqiang said that all departments in various regions should take the initiative to oppose the lazy administration. All localities should make good use of national policies to solve development problems, accelerate the construction of complementary projects, and promote effective investment and industrial upgrading. We will deepen the reform of regulatory services, promote the construction of an international business environment that is market-oriented and legalized, and unleash the potential for institutional and institutional innovation. We will increase the support of new drivers for the economy and unleash market potential. We should ensure the basic peoples livelihood, do what we can and do what we can. We should give priority to employment, provide employment services to key groups, and help migrant workers to expand employment and entrepreneurship channels. We will adhere to the governments tight schedule, focus on fiscal expenditures to ensure basic peoples livelihood, and ensure that pensions are paid in full and on time. As the two festivals approach, we need to pay more to migrant workers, ensure the supply and price of pork and other necessities, and keep the masses warm for the winter. We will do a good job in providing for the aged and supporting the children.

General Administration of Customs: lifting import restrictions on poultry in the United States

The General Administration of Customs announced that, according to the results of risk assessment, from the date of this announcement, the restrictions on the import of poultry in the United States issued by the former AQSIQ and the former Ministry of agriculture in 2013 No. 19, 2013 No. 103, 2014 No. 58, 2014 No. 100 and 2015 No. 8 should be lifted, and the import of poultry in the United States that meets the requirements of Chinese laws and regulations should be allowed.

The Party committee meeting of SASAC held today stressed to study and formulate the three-year action plan for the reform of state-owned enterprises as soon as possible

Hao Peng, secretary and director of the SASAC Party committee, presided over the SASAC Party committee meeting, which emphasized that the key to promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises is to implement the major policies. On the basis of widely soliciting opinions from relevant parties, we should study and formulate the three-year action plan for the reform of state-owned enterprises as soon as possible, and clearly put forward the new objectives, timetable and roadmap for the reform of state-owned enterprises. We should promote the reform of mixed ownership, strengthen the supervision of state-owned enterprises with state-owned assets, enhance the ability of R & D and innovation, strengthen financial constraints, cut and standardize subsidies, improve incentive mechanisms, and improve labor productivity and capital Key areas and key links such as golden return rate, put forward clear tasks and measures, formulate quantifiable and assessable specific indicators, and solidly promote the reform of state-owned enterprises to achieve decisive results in important areas and key links.

The procuratorate of Wuqing District of Tianjin city initiates public prosecution for the case of power and health according to law

Recently, the defendant unit Quan Jian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the defendant, Shu Yuhui, were suspected of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities and other crimes, and the peoples Procuratorate of Wuqing District of Tianjin city filed a public prosecution to the peoples Court of Wuqing District of Tianjin city according to law.

Safe solicits public opinions on improving foreign exchange risk management of overseas institutional investors in inter-bank bond market

The State Administration of foreign exchange solicits opinions from the public on the notice on improving the foreign exchange risk management of overseas institutional investors in the inter-bank bond market (Draft for comments). According to the draft, foreign institutional investors should comply with relevant regulations when carrying out foreign exchange derivatives transactions: when changes in bond investment result in changes in foreign exchange risk exposure, the corresponding foreign exchange derivatives exposure held shall be adjusted within five working days; according to the actual needs of foreign exchange risk management, trading mechanisms such as reverse position closing, full amount or balance settlement can be flexibly selected. Closing and balance settlement currency can be RMB or foreign currency.

Alibaba plans to re list Hong Kong shares on November 26 or replace Tencent Chengxin Wang

According to investment bankers, Alibaba, which plans to go public in Hong Kong for the second time, has opened an international roadshow on Wednesday, November 13. The roadshow will last until November 19, and Hong Kongs public offering will last from November 15 to 20. According to people familiar with the matter, Alibaba initially issued 500 million shares of common stock, accounting for 2.3% of the expanded share capital. In addition, it can issue up to 75 million shares of over allotment shares, which are expected to be priced as early as November 20, and officially listed on the main board of Hong Kong stock on November 26, under the stock code of According to foreign media CNBC, Alibaba plans to raise US $13.4 billion, becoming the worlds largest cross-border secondary listing case. Some market analysts said that after Alibaba returned to Hong Kong stocks or replaced Tencent, it became the king of new Hong Kong stocks.

Wu Hougang, chairman of Zhangzidao: the fact of scallop death has an impact on this years performance, but does not touch delisting

Recently, a scallop death announcement made Zhangzi Island fall into the center of attention again, which caused many questions. In response to this, Wu Hougang, chairman of Zhangzidao, said in response to the interface news, this time, scallops died in a large area and a large proportion, which will eventually form a part of impairment loss, which will have a certain impact on our performance this year. But there are laws and regulations to punish such a condition of delisting. Even if we lose so much money this year, according to the relevant laws and regulations, we will not touch the conditions for delisting.

Ministry of Commerce: the anti-dumping investigation on barley imported from Australia was postponed for 6 months

Ministry of Commerce issued announcement No. 89 of 2018, deciding to conduct anti-dumping investigation on imported barley originating in Australia. In view of the complexity of the case, the Ministry of Commerce decided to extend the investigation period of the case for six months, i.e. the deadline is May 19, 2020.

The Ministry of Commerce talks about live delivery: to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said that the online live broadcast promotion can help consumers improve their consumption experience. At the same time, the operation of any business model must comply with relevant laws and regulations and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Closing comment: growth enterprise market index rose 0.64% in shock and technology stocks continued to be strong

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rebounded slightly today, with individual stocks showing a general pattern of growth. Technology stocks continued to be strong, wireless headphones broke out again, and a number of stocks, such as rambler, Runxin technology, Anjie technology, and fanda technology, rose and stopped. However, banks and insurance were still weak, and block chain concept stocks were largely divided. Overall, technology stocks are still the main direction of on-site fund pursuit. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was up 0.16% to close at 2909; the Shenzhen composite index was up 0.61% to close at 9746; the growth enterprise market index was up 0.64% to close at 1692. The net inflow of Shanghai Stock connect is 280 million, and that of Shenzhen Stock connect is 1.99 billion.

Dalian Wanda did not guarantee the debt of Wang Sicong, the chairmans son, on November 14, the financial Associated Press reported that according to Bloomberg citing people familiar with the matter, the senior management of Dalian Wanda Group said at a meeting held in Hong Kong that the company did not guarantee any debt of Wang Sicong, the son of Wang Jianlin, the chairman, nor did it have any capital contact with the enterprises it controlled. The executives also said Dalian Wanda has a foreign debt line of US $250 million and Wanda commerce has a foreign debt line of US $1 billion, which will expire in April and March next year respectively.

Price around 20 days! Alibabas listing in Hong Kong no discount

Alibaba restarted its IPO in Hong Kong and disclosed the prospectus last night. Reporters confirmed from people close to the transaction that Alibabas IPO in Hong Kong will be priced around November 20. Previously, there was market rumors that Alibaba would give the market a certain discount in pricing. According to the person familiar with the matter, the final price of Alibabas listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange is determined by one eighth of Alibabas closing price on November 20 on the New York Stock Exchange, and no market discount will be given.

Chinas industrial added value above designated size increased by 4.7% year on year in October

In October, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 4.7% year-on-year, expected to increase by 5.4%, and the previous value increased by 5.8%. From January to October, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 5.6% year on year.