The old man and the young boy touch the giant panda Zoo: the keeper violates the work discipline

 The old man and the young boy touch the giant panda Zoo: the keeper violates the work discipline

Video of Chongqing Zoo responding to baby touching panda cubs: violation by breeders (source: video synthesis)

In response to the online video of the elderly caressing the giant panda cubs with their cubs on November 14, Chongqing Zoo Management Office responded to surging news on November 15, saying that after preliminary investigation, it was a keeper of the Panda House of the park who brought people into the work area to watch the giant panda cubs at close range without permission and took a video. After the detailed investigation, the park will seriously deal with the staff who violate the work discipline.

According to online video, two cubs of the giant panda lie in plastic boxes respectively, and an old man squats aside with a young girl in his arms to watch the giant panda at close range. In the meantime, the old man stroked the giant panda with his hand, and then he took the young girls hand to let him touch the giant panda. The video shows the old and the young wearing blue protective clothing.

According to the official website of Chongqing Zoo, since the first breeding of giant pandas in the early 1980s, the park has produced 36 giant pandas with 25 births, including 9 twins and 1 triplet. On June 23 this year, the giant panda Lanxiang and mangzai gave birth to two pairs of Twin Panda Babies respectively.

In January 2015, the State Forestry Administration issued an emergency notice, requiring all regions to strengthen the monitoring and control of rare and endangered wild animals, such as giant panda, and forbid close contact between tourists and rare and endangered wild animals.

Surging news previously reported that from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, the rare and endangered wild animal rescue and Breeding Research Center in Shaanxi Province had a canine distemper epidemic, which resulted in the death of five giant pandas and serious losses.

In October 2018, the Forestry Department of Sichuan Province issued a notice to the giant panda breeding units in Sichuan Province, requiring them to establish an internal review and supervision management mechanism for close contact with giant pandas as soon as possible. It is strictly prohibited to organize and carry out commercial close contact captive giant panda activities such as feeding, group photo, etc., nor to conduct commercial close contact with artificial giant pandas in the name of volunteers The reality of captive giant pandas.

Source: surging news Author: Wang Xin, Liu Chunyan editor in charge: Hua Chengyu