Hong Kong old man killed by smashing police: no political background but shooting with mobile phone

 Hong Kong old man killed by smashing police: no political background but shooting with mobile phone

Beijing News on the afternoon of November 15, Hong Kong police reported that a 70 year old cleaner was killed in a violent demonstration in Shangshui district on November 13. Police said that according to the current information, the victim was a 70 year old external cleaner (cleaning service contractor employee) of the food and environmental protection department. When he was suspected of holding a mobile phone to photograph the scene of the demonstration at noon on the 13th, he was hit by a suspected brick deliberately thrown by the black clothes protesters on the left forehead, and died of invalid rescue on the evening of the 14th. Police said the case had been turned from the wounded to the murders. They were seeking witness clues from the public and would use all means to bring the criminals to justice. This afternoon, a public memorial ceremony was held near the scene of the crime.

The public laid flowers near the scene of the crime to mourn the dead cleaner. Source: special Hong Kong report group of Beijing News

The cleaner shot the scene of the demonstration, and the police dealt with it in the direction of murder

On the afternoon of the 15th, Chen Tianzhu, senior police chief of the North New Territories District, said that according to the polices current understanding, at noon on the 13th, protesters set up barricades near the great hall and Longyun road in the North Sheung Shui District to block the road with bricks. People were fighting with 20 to 30 black clad protesters, including physical clashes, while cleaning up bricks near Longyun road. Black clad protesters first threw iron bars, bricks and other objects in the direction of the public. Some people picked up the bricks and threw them back. Meanwhile, the 70 year old man, the victim of the case, was suspected of holding a mobile phone to shoot video at the scene, and a man in black threw the suspected brick object at him. The man was hit by a hard object in the head and then fell unconscious. The black clad protesters then left the scene.

After coma, the man was sent to the North District Hospital for treatment, and then transferred to Prince of Wales Hospital for rescue. Unfortunately, he died of serious injury at 22:50 on the 14th.

Police said that at present the case has been handed over to the New Territories North District serious case group for murder. According to the investigation, the 70 year old man, a Hong Kong native, was an external cleaner of the food and environment department. On the day of the incident, he did cleaning work in the Sheung Shui area, but the scope of work did not include the scene of the incident. The crime happened at lunchtime. He went to the scene alone. The police believe that he passed by the scene.

The citizens spontaneously offered flowers to mourn. Source: special Hong Kong report group of Beijing News

Police said the dead had no political background, and the public spontaneously offered flowers to mourn

In response to the identity and on-site actions of the deceased, Chen Tianzhu said that it was understood that the deceased had no political background and did not belong to any political organization. At the time of the crime, he did not argue with others, but only took photos with a mobile phone at the scene.

Chen Tianzhu said that the investigation direction has been determined to be murder. According to eyewitnesses and multiple live videos, it is believed that the dead were deliberately thrown bricks to death. Next, the police will collect the scene monitoring pictures to restore the case.

The police appealed to the public or anyone who witnessed the incident to provide information. Chen Tianzhu said the police would never allow violence. We will use all methods to investigate all cases of violence and bring every criminal to justice.

At about 13 oclock today, a public memorial ceremony was held at the roadside of the Great Hall in the North District of Sheung Shui District. There were cardboard stickers with the words revenge brings snow. The public gathered under the cardboard to offer flowers and bowed to mourn. The flower bouquet is decorated with a signboard of long history of Robert, which is signed for the people of Hong Kong.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: huachengyu