Two North Koreans killed 16 people and fled to South Korea. They were repatriated. They tried to kill them

 Two North Koreans killed 16 people and fled to South Korea. They were repatriated. They tried to kill them

On November 7 local time, South Korea expelled two North Korean citizens after South Korean coast guards found them killing 16 fishermen on a ship and fleeing across the maritime border to South Korea over the weekend. But South Korea sent the two fishermen back to North Korea because they were suspected of committing serious crimes and could not be protected by the South Korean government.

According to Yonhap news agency, on November 15, South Koreas Unification Ministry said in a report submitted to the foreign unification Committee of the national assembly that two North Korean residents suspected of killing their crew members who had been expelled cleaned the ship after committing the crime, threw the bodies and criminal tools into the sea, and altered the number of the ship with paint in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

According to the report, the two North Korean residents, in their early 20s, are burly and have no trace of special training. Most of the crew killed were not regular crew members. Three of them, including two suspects, had experience in going to sea.

The Unification Ministry said that the two men submitted written materials for protection to the South Korean government, but after considering the statements of the parties, the whereabouts of the DPRK, the process of detention and other circumstances, it was determined that they were not really willing to invest in South Korea.

According to the Ministry of unification, the fishing boat involved is 16 meters long, 3.7 meters wide and 17 tons in weight. In North Korea, fishing boats with a length of 6-10 meters carry an average of 4-10 crew members, and fishing boats with a length of 10-15 meters carry more than 10 people. Because the North Korean fishing boat has no fishing automation equipment, it carries more crew than the South Korean fishing boat.

South Koreas Unification Ministry also said on the governments forcible deportation of the defectors, the defectors refer to the Korean citizens who meet the legal conditions and procedures related to the residents who abandon North Korea and invest in South Korea, and it is extremely inappropriate and irresponsible to confuse the two.

Source: responsible editor of cover news: Dai Wenjia, nb12498