The fugitive was arrested at the end of 27 years: no police involvement after the fight

 The fugitive was arrested at the end of 27 years: no police involvement after the fight

On the 13th, Jiangshan Chengbei police station received a call from the public, saying that there was a fight, and the police were preparing to send out the police. They also received a phone call from one of the parties, saying that they would solve the problem by themselves, but Wu Hui and other police officers still rushed to the scene to deal with the problem. It is understood that two road constructors, who claimed to be Wang Limin due to trivial fighting, hit a back of Jiang with a horizontal ruler. Wang Limin told Wu Hui that the boss would come to solve it, without the need for police to deal with it, and also agreed to all compensation claims of Jiang.

Wu Hui noticed Wang Limins eyes dodging, unwilling to say more about himself. When registering his personal information, he also said that he didnt bring his ID card and couldnt provide information such as ID card number. Wu Hui suspected that there was a problem with the man, and proposed that the two sides should go to the police station to sign a mediation agreement. Wang Limin hesitated for a while and followed.

In the police station, the police found through systematic inspection that Wang Limins real name was Jiang Mou, a fugitive from Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province. In December 1992, Jiang fought with his fellow villagers in Yahuang township of Shengzhou for gambling, stabbed each other to death with a knife, and then absconded. According to the account, he has been to Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places. At present, he has settled down in Jiangxi Province, married and has children. He has just arrived in Jiangshan.

Source: surging news editor: Dai Wenjia, nb12498